Sunday, September 22, 2013

What's New in Kathyinozarks Fiber and Soap Shops on Etsy??

Good morning Sunday and welcome in the first day of Autumn; the mornings here are definately feeling like the season too-love it.

In my Kathyinozarks Soaps on Etsy I am holding a giveaway for 4 lucky winners, and so far I have just barely 4 entries so please sign up here The drawing will be this coming Friday. Your choice of goat milk hand lotion, soaps, shea butter moisturizer, pumpkin salt scrub and more.

In my Kathyinozarks Fibers on Etsy I just listed a piece of sky fabric that is 29" by 10" would love your input and more information on the inspiration soon.

I also am featuring several sets of hand dyes "Autumn in the Ozarks" that I dyed last year that would love to be in your studios for fall crafting, quilting, and sewing. Remember to use coupon code blogger for 10% off your purchase. I have these oranges, also yellows, greens, reds.

Also watch out for some silk on silk dyed pieces that I will be adding soon to my Kathyinozarks Fibers shop.

    Remember that piece of silk I dyed with the ties? I will be listing that piece in my shop soon for your fiber art creations.It washed up beautifully yesterday. I am setting up to do some eco clothing pieces. I have been picking up silk blouses at the resale shops and will be dying some with the silk tie technique and also fabric paints or natural dye stuffs.

Happy Autumn!!


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