Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What Do Ya Do With LOTS of Carrots??

Start canning them of course lol  Late yesterday afternoon we were given lots and lots of carrots. Too many for us really, so need to find homes for some of them. I will feed them to the deer and wildlife as well-I know it will be a treat for them too.

We are not into candied carrots, mostly cause carrots by themselves already have lots of sugar in them, so I ended up scrubbing up pint jars and filled the canner twice-32 pints of carrots that I canned just in plain boiling water. These will be nice for stews, soups, and with corned beef dinners too; so a nice edition to the pantry.

I will shred some of them and use in breads and we like my Grandma's old salad recipe of shredded carrots, soaked raisins-to plump them up, and just enough mayonnaise to mix it all together. I will keep some fresh in the frig too, but don't need more than that.

We are 50's in the mornings now and really loven' that-gives the house a chance to cool down. Kinda tired this morning so don't know what I will get into. Will see in a bit if I am up to my dye project.

How is your morning going?


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