Sunday, September 8, 2013

Recipes for Homemade Drawing Salves-Do You Have one that You Make??

 A couple days ago now, I was outdoors helping to clean up things after the guys cleaned and scaled some white catfish. I went to pick up a bucket filled with water to rinse off the picnic table-and I got a sharp pain in my left knee.

  At first I thought I popped something in my knee, I have torn cartilage that way already, then I thought I got stung by a bee. Not thinking much of it til the next afternoon-it had continued to burn deep in the knee, and it had a bright red spot where I had gotton bitten twice-looks like a nasty burn.

  So when our friend Mr L came by I had him look at it to see if he thought it was a bee or wasp bite-nope he says-that looks like a recluse spider bite. So, I ask I had blue jeans (actually pink jeans lol) how did it get inside my leg?? they do that he says. We keep antibiotics around for cases like this, so I started taking it that day.

  In the mean time, it continues to burn and hurt in the muscle,an ice pack numbs it for a bit but doesn't seem to be helping all that much. webmd suggested the ice packs-but I am thinking that should have been done right away.

  I got to thinking yesterday perhaps a drawing salve would help?? I don't have any on hand, so when I go to town soon I need to pick up some-but I would rather make my own in case there is a next time with a bite. Most recipes seem to take about a month to produce.

  Those of you that use herbs, have you made a drawing salve before?? if so can you share your recipe? Thanks

  Looking online I found a few sites with recipes that I may make if I could get all the ingredients. I need to find the plantain though. Need to ask Mr L if he knows if it grows here in our woods.

 From:   Webmd
              Wellness Mama  I liked this one
               Herbs Love to Know  this uses charcoal, oils, honey
              Wikinut for spider bites  this was a good read for the future

I should have written it down but this is the third day, (I am on antibiotics too) I do have on hand dried comfrey, fresh calendula, lavender-I think I will make a very strong "tea" with these herbs and soak a cloth and apply-while watching a little football today.


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