Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Long Natural Dye Day

This turned out to be a very long day. Usually I spend a day just to do the mordanting (fixer) on the cloth or yarn, and the dyeing the next day.

Allot of waiting for pots to either warm up or cool down, and then warm up again. At the end of the day I was very disappointed. The goldenrod flowers are just perfect and gorgeous this week, and they usually give me awesome golden yellows. (search for dyeing with goldenrod to see my past projects)

I had thrown in a tiny sample piece and it was a gorgeous yellow as I had hoped, but for some reason by the time I strained out the flowers, and then let the bath cool down enough to add the wool back in (too hot will felt it) my end results were soft tans and browns with the yarns having a hint of yellow-sigh I had placed that plaid piece in the dye pot first-it was a very very light tan and I am thinking that may have soaked up allot of the color, the other fabric piece was pure white-so am really surprised that did not come out more yellow.

I really don't know what went wrong, never let the dye bath with flowers go to boil or simmer as that will dull the colors-perhaps it was our well water-but then why was my little test piece so pretty?

I had ordered a while back some osage orange which is to give nice yellows too-so I have that soaking over night (it's a bark) now and will redye the yarns in that dye bath tomorrow.

As to my silk blouses that I did on Monday; they were really drawing allot of gnats for some reason under those rocks. So since the recipe says to wait at least 2 to 3 days-I decided to open them up. I must say I think they will be cool. One blouse I had cut out flowers from a silk blouse but the dye transfer was not as intense as I get from ties-so I am thinking I may try to paint over those flowers with dye na flow fabric paints. I will decide once they dry and sit a bit. I will reveal photos once they dry. I think I am on to something pretty nifty-just need to re think how to place some of the tie pieces-but I like them-so that made me feel better after my wool dye disappointment.

A few photos: the pieces of wool fabrics (reclaimed from skirts, jackets etc) will work out nicely for rug hooking. The yarn does have a nice softness to it, but I still want to try and get more a yellow.


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