Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day in the Ozarks & "Doings" Catch Up

 Over the weekend we finally lost the high 90's and the humidity and got a little rain shower too.

  Mr P got on the tractor and mowed allot of grass yesterday, and then he put on the grader to smooth out most of the mess from putting the water line in-that really makes me happy-cause now I can walk to the compost pile, and feed corn to the wildlife, and feed the hummingbirds so much easier-no more being careful not to trip on hills and big clumps of solid clay soil. Yeah-some things make me happy.

  It has also been cool now in the mornings so he has been working on his little cabin-so that makes me happy too-I am getting older-so set in my ways-and I don't like long time company in my space-like living on the couch in my living room. I am being selfish and want my space back-lol

  I have been sticking to working on the bathroom walls-during that hot period especially-I have that long wall finished and painted over twice with kilnz. I still need to paper that small strip between the door and the other wall-and I have started to prep another wall-that will complete the tissue paper technique on all the walls except for the area around the bath tub-which we are now using as the shower too. I may just do that area with a different technique since I can not get to it right now to work. Soooo I love seeing progress being made in this room.

I am making up the sweet brine for my last batch of pickles this morning. The cucumbers are in a salt brine for a week, a day in hot water, and now a week of the sweet brine. These are larger chunks of cucumbers and I will add a piece of garlic and the hot red pepper flakes to each jar when I can it. I made two batches of salsa so we are set for that. I really wanted to put up some sweet corn this year-but the prices were just too expensive. Perhaps I can locate some apples to make up some applesauce-that would be really nice to have on hand.

 As to my garden:
     all that rain really did a number on allot of my veggies-it also killed two sage plants-just too much water. I am not getting as many green beans that I wanted-but I have been able to freeze a large gallon bag full. The japanese cucumbers are still producing-so need to come up with another fresh recipe for them. I may just make us up a batch of sweet pickle relish with those too. I see that I will have some sweet dumpling squash if they make it through another hot spell before getting hit with a light frost, I also saw one nice butternut squash growing too. As to my sweet potatoes-they are totally out of control-especially after all that rain we got-I did hill up several spots-but perhaps not enough to get more potatoes-will see what happens-they really took over my garden. I had planted 6 plants and I thought they looked like they were not going to make it-so I bought another 6 plants-and they all made it and went crazy -lol problem is they are mostly vines. This fall I will find out if I got any potatoes or not. My calendula flowers got drowned out for the most part too-and I had plans for the flowers. I am getting a couple flowers a day-so I keep adding it to a half pint size jar with vodka to soak out its properties-want to add it to my handmade soap. I had hopes for some purple cabbage-but just a couple weeks ago they got attacked by bugs and the heat. I may get lucky and get one or two small heads to eat.

    Tomorrow promises to be another perfect day, so I am hoping to finally use that for a hand dyeing day. I have several projects I want to do before cold weather returns. I am still collecting deep purple morning glory flowers to use in the ice dye technique-I can do that in the house any time though.

  Have a good week everyone.


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