Monday, September 23, 2013

It Was a Good Couple of Days Here in the Ozarks & My Dye Project

First off a little reminder in case you missed my post-please sign up for my giveaway from my Kathyinozarks soap shop-I will be drawing 4 winners. Go here for details and to sign up. Drawing will be this friday.

Yesterday our friend that came down to bow hunt over slept-so he said lets go out for breakfast and then on to Springfield, Mo to take in the new NRA museum and the Archery Hall of Fame museum at the Bass Pro Shop. So that's what we did, and we all really enjoyed the day. This was just a fabulous collection. One of the pieces I was excited to see was an air rifle with many rounds that Lewis and Clark took on their Corps of Discovery trip. I had no idea this was around back in that time period.

The museum was set up high above the main store floor and was a huge display that if you walked the whole exhibit it took you to the opposite side of the store into the archery museum. It took us 3 hours to walk through all of it. It was pretty dark in the store, but I did get a few photos. Bass Pro in Springfield is the corporate headquarters so it is a gigantic store with waterfalls, and large tanks with fish. It draws many tourists. Click to enlarge the photos.

This last photo is looking through a glass display of bows-and if you enlarge the photos you will see across the way the gun museum, down below is the main floor of the store.

   Today, I was anxious to try another silk tie dyeing project onto silk blouses. I did one blouse that was sleeveless and the other with long sleeves. I folded the pieces the same way-accordian style, that I did on my last piece, added them to the vinegar water to simmer for 2 hours, and I also added in red onion skins, and some goldenrod. The goldenrod really needed to be in an alum mordant first but decided to throw some in any ways. I am getting a gorgeous tan-to brown on the blouses-and inside some of the fabric will be staying tan to whitish along with the silk tie pieces that will transfer on to the blouses. Hoping for a cool results on these so I can sell them as eco clothing in my fiber shop.
   The pieces are now sitting in a pot under heavy rocks for several days. I will try not to peak too early this time lol

This first photo shows the two blouses-folded and tied up simmering in the dye bath-they turned out allot darker after 2 hours.

This is the photo at the stage they are at now-you can see the pretty brown that they are now. Instructions say to leave like this undisturbed for at least 3 days-I will see if I can wait til the weekend before peaking.

Tonight one of my favorite shows is back; The Voice  I really enjoy this program and is the only one I watch of this type, the music is always so excellent-and I love the coaches too. Did any of you catch the first show of Sleepy Hollow last week monday? I watched it out of curiosity and it is actually really good. This was on the same time as The Voice- tonight, but they will be re running Sleepy Hollow this Friday-so will watch it then.

I finished up  my commissioned piece and mailed if off last friday, and got word back today that she loves it. I will reveal the project soon-after she blogs about it first. I was really happy with this piece, and glad my customer told me I could do this for her-it was out of my element-but loved the process and the results.


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