Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Thursday from the Ozarks Catch Up & Coupons for my Etsy Shops

  We are still waiting for the cool down, and a rain storm here-but from the way it still looks and feels out there-not going to happen-unless it  comes through tonight. After that 10 day period of 36 inches over a month ago-we are now dry as a bone with not a drop of rain since then. They are still promising a couple days of 70s so will have to see what mother nature has in store for us.

  As of yesterday afternoon, my spider bite has finally-after a weeks time-stopped burning and hurting non stop. Since I was bit in my knee twice it does still hurt a bit into the muscle but it is getting much better now. Have a few more days of the antibiotic to take too. The last several days I made a strong tea with dried calendula flowers, lavender flowers, and comfrey and then scooped up the herbs and placed them on my knee along with a soaked cloth on top-I think that did help relieve some of the pain too. So hopefully the worse is over for this.

  Yesterday for about 6 hours I spent the day working on my hand painted on fabric commissioned piece. I really loved the results so more later after I send the piece to my customer and see if she likes it. Very happy that went well, I have been so stressed with all the events going on here that I have not been able to focus on my art or soap.

  Mr. P is learning the scope business from Larry and they are getting caught up on lots of repair work-I know Larry really enjoys having him here-so that is a very good thing. I am just not happy though that he is living on my couch-which is where my computer is, my weaving is-so I feel trapped in my own home. When I don't sleep well or hubby does not have a good night I work in the living room-and can't do that now.  He led us to believe he had money for the cabin-bringing in the electric etc-but he has no money-and he is not spending any time at all working on his cabin. We are early risers and do what we gotta do outdoors early in the morning before the heat of the day settles in-not Mr P he sleeps in so it's too hot to work when he gets up-sigh  I know soon he is going back up north for awhile-so I need to pin him down on what is going on. A gal's gotta know these things-lol I also feel like I am the maid here and I don't like that either. We also can not afford to support another person-so if he comes back I will insist on food money at least.

  Ok enough of my little rant. I wanted to let all of you know, my dear readers and followers, that I have set up coupon codes in my etsy shops just for you. The links to both of my shops are in the upper left hand corner-just click on kathyinozarks for which shop. When you check out, type in blogger in the coupon code area and you will receive 10% off your purchase before shipping. This applies to all of you and is set up in both of my shops for you to use. If you are international just email me for shipping costs and I will set up a custom listing for you. Early in the year our post office really gave a huge price hike to all international rates-so I took off the rates in my shops so as not to get surprised if I made a mistake in calculating.
   With all this stress going on around me this summer, I have not been able to create new things for my shops-I am hoping to get back into soap making soon, and hoping for some nice cooler but sunny days for more hand dyes to offer. I do have sales going on in my shops too-several really nice items in my soap shop especially-pumpkin scrub, gardeners soap scrub, goat milk hand lotion, and more.

Adding to all the changes etc going on this summer here, I just got a letter from our doctor-whom we have had and really like for 10 years now, will no longer be a primary doctor-he is changing positions so he can work in their out patient clinic-so that is another stressser added to the mix. Must be a summer of major changes for us this year-so gotta go with the flow as best we can.

  I am cleaning house today, friends flying in just for the day on saturday (they have their own plane) and then on monday a friend of ours from Illinois is bringing down his camper and will stay for about a week or so.  Bow hunting starts then and that is his favorite hunting method-so busy busy here lol

  I hadn't called my Mom for a few weeks now. The last time I called her mind was so bad I thought I was going to cry right then but I waited til I got off the phone. I had a long talk with my brother this morning-a really nice catch up for us, and I mentioned I was thinking of calling her today. He told me one of the best times to call her is right after lunch-when she seems to be more alert. So Mom and I had a good conversation considering the circumstances. So that made me feel better, and not guilty for not calling her. Dimentia is such a horrible disease-I started using organic unrefined coconut oil for my baking now and for sauteing veggies, also using coconut cream in place of milks, and taking coconut capsules as well-to help prevent me from getting this horrible disease.

  Well I have "talked" your ears off by now-Have an awesome weekend everyone.


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