Sunday, September 15, 2013

Goldenrod versus Ragweed

I am out in the coolness of the morning, gathering goldenrod tops-for dye stuffs as it makes a gorgeous clear yellow.

I have blogged about this before-in my search tool-check for my goldenrod posts-but there is a difference between ragweed and goldenrod.

Ragweed is the one that gives off the allergens-not goldenrod-although it gets blamed for it.

This is a photo of ragweed-especially notice the leaves. and I found this really close up view of ragweed here


This is a photo and diagram of the beautiful goldenrod-notice the big difference in the leaves-and especially the flowers. Goldenrod is also considered an herb-so if interested in more information please check my other posts in the search tool. 

We may just finally get some much needed rain this coming week, hope so-loving these cooler mornings. 

Enjoy your Sunday


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