Friday, September 27, 2013

And My Winners Are: & a Gripe About my Day First Though LOL

  This has been one of those days waiting on someone, and I don't like to do that, especially when they end up not showing.

   We had decided that today was our creative day together (my friend-neighbor down the road), so when she called this morning and said she was going to mow grass first I say-what mow grass?? By noon the sun will be very hot out there for me, ah no it won't and besides I will be there before noon.  

  So, ok, since I can't go into town with hubby which I really needed to do, I better stay home in case she shows up a little earlier. So I catch up on laundry, get the beef stew going in the crock pot, wash up some more fabrics for the sun dyeing, and answer lots of business calls for hubby-lol  About an hour after hubby had left for town she calls needing him to start her lawn mower, ah no sorry he is in town. 

     12:30 pm rolls around and so I decide to go ahead and set myself up and paint a few items. It is hot out there for me, a little too windy so one of my pieces did not turn out for sure, and it's now 2 in the afternoon-she talks to hubby when she calls and is not coming over. geesh-don't you just get really aggravated when that happens?? This is a real rarity for my friend, as she never does stuff like this, but why would you mow lawn on a creative day?? Not me for sure LOL

   Oh well, so I am trying out some new things with the sun paints-on wool, and on printed fabrics not plain white, and I am wanting to imprint fall leaves-so we will see what develops with the rest of my fabrics-as the clouds keep rolling over and its a bitty windy too for this project.

sorry enough of me complaining-Since there were no more entries for my soap giveaway so far today I decided to make myself feel better and do the drawing early afternoon instead of late afternoon.

1. Shirley in Missouri

2.Kimberli  in North Carolina

3. Wehaf

4.My garden diaries

Congratulations to all, I will be contacting you soon on your choice of sale items in my shop Here is a link of what you can choose    a few of the items I have only one in stock so those will go to the one in order drawn if more than one person chooses.


Everyone has gotton back to me-thank you-except for drawing #3 Wehaf  Please get a hold of me by noon on Sunday Sept 29th otherwise I will choose a new winner-thanks


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