Friday, September 6, 2013

Those of You that Can-I'm Looking for a Sweet Pickle Relish Recipe-Do you have a favorite??

(Above photo from here with a dill relish recipe) 

(this photo from here  with a fermented relish recipe)

 I have enough fresh cucumbers again to make up a sweet pickle relish. In the past I have used the one in Ball's book but I am not that fond of it-and it takes lots of time too.
   So I looked online and one that sounds pretty good-could be started in the morning and finished up same day. recipe here  I liked the ingredients in this one too as it uses onions and cucumbers and no peppers. It also has garlic and dill seed added with the spice list. But now I see from the link under first photo this recipe is pretty much the same as the dill relish but is calling it a sweet relish??
  Those of you that can up pickle relish-have you made one similiar to this? Or do you have a favorite recipe you would like to share?
  Thanks-I am canning up the brined pickles tomorrow morning, so I would like to make up a sweet relish too.


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