Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Very Nice Day Today

No rain here still, but the temperatures are just fantastic-lows in the 50s and highs in the mid 70s for another day.

We have tom turkeys in the back yard by the woods line, and deer coming up for corn too now.

I was up early this morning cause I had lots of things to bake and prepare for a lunch today. Larry had met a friend through his business awhile back, who stopped by with friends a couple months ago now and we had such a nice visit then. This time he was coming in with his wife, visiting family in Missouri, so decided to drive a little further to visit with us. I wanted to make a nice lunch again for all of us.

So the guys got up early too and went fishing for trout-which Mr P grilled for us-delicious! I made homemade cornbread, I baked up a carrot cake from this months issue of Living Without magazine-so it was gluten free, egg free, dairy free-turned out awesome and will make again. I also made up a really nice fresh slaw with cabbage, a couple of our cucumbers shredded also, added in sweet peppers and used an Italian dressing just enough to moisten. Everyone really liked that. I also had large platters of olives, cheeses, my pickles, and our fresh heirloom tomatoes. Guys had a bottle of micro brewery beer, and the two of us ladies enjoyed a glass of wine. 

His wife and I got to know each other, so we hit it off pretty fast. She comes from a farmer's background too.

So just a really nice day.

Those of you that have known me for awhile now-remember that first pillow I made with the Eiffel Tower fabric that Aggie in Paris had sent me??-and I had quilted that with gold metallic thread, added buttons, and needle felted it too with wools, and the backing was my hand dyed blue fabric.I also used organic cotton batting for the stuffing. I always loved how that turned out, really enjoyed making it too. I had it for sale in my etsy fiber shop for awhile, had gotton lots of good reviews but never sold it, so I took it off my listings.  Well when I was showing her my craft room-she saw it and loved it!  So now it has a new home-that made me feel really good and appreciated, and that I can make something that someone else will love too.

This morning early when I was reading my emails, blogs etc, I discovered I had won a handmade stencil for my craft projects from an artist's blog I enjoy reading and learning from here  So that was unexpected and now I can't wait to see which stencil has my name on it.

So a very good Saturday for me-I really needed it too. I have gotton myself way too stressed out over the last 2 months. Not healthy and not good. So will be working on that next week.


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