Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Better Natural Dye Morning & Reveal soon of Silk Blouses

Good morning, I was all set to post some photos and my camera says battery needs charging-lol So sometime today I will post photos.

I usually don't do major projects when I am tired, and this week I have been a bit tired and "spacey" do to the high mold and pollen count. However, not to be stopped-LOL I pushed myself with my natural dye project-which I really enjoy.

First off yesterday when I was setting up my mordant bath I really really messed up the math and did not realize it til too late. I just picked up a new scale and when it read say 1.6 I took that as one pound instead of being 1.6 ounces-don't know why my head did not wrap around the mistake right away but any way I ended up with 5 times the amount of alum and cream of tartar needed-oh my. 

This is not new for me as I never was very good at math and still count on my fingers to this day. Anyways I called the very nice and very helpful people at Earth hues and told them what I had done, if they knew if there was still mordant in the bath for more wool. She was so understanding, I love this company and buy my mordants from them, and suggested no loss to try and mordant more wool instead of just throwing out the mordant bath. So that was my first mistake yesterday and made the day longer. I decided to gather up just 2 more pound of wool-which is allot of wool, and I think I really ended up with just about a pound and half. I am glad I did that now, cause allot of the wool fabric pieces are not picking up the colors.

So I had already picked another batch of goldenrod flowers to make another dye bath with from yesterday's gathering and  I also started another bath with osage orange which is also a dye for yellows. The osage orange is a fine sawdust-slivers of bark that I purchased and soaked overnight.

I went back to the way I have always worked with natural dyestuffs and decided not to strain but to put the wool right in. I get so much better colors this way. Only down side it may spot a little, and if the material is fine like the osage orange is this time-it really sticks to fine wool yarns-and is time consuming to remove. But this morning I do have pretty colors.

Another mistake last night was I decided to let the second bath cool down on its own with the wool in it overnight-this is recommended in several dye books-so this morning-oh no another mistake-I forgot about the plaid check wool with red stripes in it-yep it transfered onto most of the pieces. So nothing is ever perfect so I just went ahead and dyed. The fabric pieces will be fine as they will be cut up for rug hooking, and the two large skeins of fine wool well I will just weave with those, so all is good!

The silk blouses are pretty much dry now and on hangers, but they can't be rinsed out in the vinegar-water for several days-to finish setting up the colors. So they are really wrinkled now-but I want to show you photos-I need to refine the technique a bit, but I am hoping I get customers that will love these too. Kathy's eco-clothing-lol

Another gorgeous gorgeous day here in the ozarks. Tomorrow or saturday I will have a fabric painting day with my friend down the road. I may do some autumn leaf prints this time with the setacolor paints. Today I need to catch up on bookwork too, and decide what to make for supper-in case Larry does not come home with catfish-

Have an awesome day everyone-and don't forget to sign up for my giveaway-drawing tomorrow sometime late afternoon.


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