Sunday, September 29, 2013

Your Winnings are all Packed up Now and Ready to Mail

   Busy today getting a quilt top ready for the long arm quilter, and I also just finished up getting all the winner's packages wrapped up and ready to be mailed off tomorrow morning. Congrat's again to the winners.

   I just remembered that October 1st will be our 10 year anniversary of being retired here in the ozarks. We moved from northern Illinois to our woods here in Missouri. Perhaps another drawing will be in the works soon to celebrate.

  Tomorrow my neighbor friend will be coming over early morning to do some painting on fabric. She has family coming and staying for a week on Tuesday and since the weather is still really nice here-tomorrow is the day. Haven't decided yet what I want to work on. I am wanting to do some fall pieces for sure. Hopefully will be a fun day. I am really wanting to start weaving too-especially with Mr P not in my living room at the moment.

  This week I need to go threw the garden and pull up allot of stuff, and see if I have any sweet potatoes or not-hope I at least have a few.
   Also need to get back on my tissue paper walls, and we need to cut firewood too-so will be a busy fall for sure before cold sets.

  Hubby has not been feeling well, so hope he feels better soon. 

I think I will watch a bit of Food Network-have a great new week!


New Winner Drawn for my Kathyinozarks Giveaway

  I have not heard back from the #3 winner that was drawn for my giveaway-either here on my blog or from my 2 sent emails. The deadline was noon today and it is now 1:30 pm so I have drawn a new winner. 

  Sooooo our new winner is Judy at CJ Stitching and Blooms Congrats to Judy. I will be sending you an email, but if you see it here first-please email me with your address and also your choice from clearance sales section in my Kathinozarks Soaps-link in left column (I have two etsy shops so please go to soaps)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Homemade Chocolate Pudding with Coconut Cream

I have been wanting to make this for awhile now, so this morning was the day.  Years ago I quit buying store bought pudding when I started really reading the ingredients on those boxes-lots of salt, or sugar, or chemicals etc etc-nope I don't want that. The diabetic ones are especially poor food quality.

I found that when I have a taste for pudding, it is so easy to make up some. Now that I am on this everything possible organic coconut products for baking and cooking-I got to thinking; wouldn't chocolate pudding made with coconut cream instead of cream or half and half just be divine?? Well it is!

I use the recipe I found in Joy of Cooking the revised edition-cause I love it that it does not have eggs in it-I don't like to use lots of eggs if I don't need to. I have made this recipe in the past with non sweetened soy milk, or coconut milk, or almond milk is really good too-but I decided the use of the coconut cream would give it the richness that regular cream would but with healthier nutrition-lower in fats etc. Also a little coconut flavor with the chocolate would be divine as well.

So copied from my cook book:

this says will make 4 to 5 servings.

Have your bowl or individual bowls ready, also have saran wrap ready too.

In a heavy saucepan mix together:
1/2 cup sugar (I used splenda for Larry, any dry sweetening would work)
1/3 cup plus 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa-I use a very dark cocoa
1/8 teaspoon salt-I omit

gradually stir in, making a smooth runny paste:
1/3 cup warm water-I used hot tap water

Stirring constantly, bring to a boil over medium heat, then remove from the heat For an especially thick and chocolaty pudding, add and stir briskly 1 ounce semisweet or bittersweet chocolate finely chopped or slivered-I used bittersweet chocolate and just took a paring knife and made thin shavings.

Stir in:
1 3/4 cups half and half--I used coconut cream (not milk)

Place in a bowl:
   3 tablespoons cornstarch
Very gradually add and whisk til smooth:
1/4 cup half and half--I used coconut cream (not milk)

Thoroughly stir the cornstarch mix into the chocolate mixture. (I place the chocolate mix back on the stove, stirred constantly til it got warmed up again before stirring in the cornstarch-thickens better that way)   Cook stirring constantly, over medium heat until the mixture begins to thicken. Reduce the heat to low, stirring briskly, bring to a simmer and cook for 1 minute. Remove from heat, then stir in:
    1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla-I used 2 teaspoons vanilla

Pour the pudding into the bowl or serving cups, and if you do not want a skin to form, immediately press saran wrap directly on the surface of the pudding. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving.

To fancy it up the recipe says to:
serve with whipped cream and sprinkle with grated chocolate.

My chocolate pudding is now getting cold in the frig.

Since I live in the woods, and do not have speciality stores near me, I have been doing more and more of my shopping on Amazon online. I choose items mostly that qualify for free shipping when spending their minimum of $25.00  I also find allot of items less expensive on Amazon too, although you do need to do some price shopping first so you know what an item usually runs. 
    I have found Amazon to be an excellent source of all things coconut. Organic and unrefined is the best for nutrition and they have coconut oil, coconut butter-which I just found out about for making gluten free pie crust, coconut sugar, and just learned about coconut crystals which is suppose to be a nicer product than the sugar and good for diabetic baking, coconut flour and on and on-lol  
     When buying the coconut cream look for made in Thailand, Phillipines, or the islands, read the labels carefully it should only say coconut, also do not buy in cans, but in those cardboard sealed containers too. I have been doing allot of research reading about coconut products and am converting over most of my baking and cooking to coconut now.

Friday, September 27, 2013

And My Winners Are: & a Gripe About my Day First Though LOL

  This has been one of those days waiting on someone, and I don't like to do that, especially when they end up not showing.

   We had decided that today was our creative day together (my friend-neighbor down the road), so when she called this morning and said she was going to mow grass first I say-what mow grass?? By noon the sun will be very hot out there for me, ah no it won't and besides I will be there before noon.  

  So, ok, since I can't go into town with hubby which I really needed to do, I better stay home in case she shows up a little earlier. So I catch up on laundry, get the beef stew going in the crock pot, wash up some more fabrics for the sun dyeing, and answer lots of business calls for hubby-lol  About an hour after hubby had left for town she calls needing him to start her lawn mower, ah no sorry he is in town. 

     12:30 pm rolls around and so I decide to go ahead and set myself up and paint a few items. It is hot out there for me, a little too windy so one of my pieces did not turn out for sure, and it's now 2 in the afternoon-she talks to hubby when she calls and is not coming over. geesh-don't you just get really aggravated when that happens?? This is a real rarity for my friend, as she never does stuff like this, but why would you mow lawn on a creative day?? Not me for sure LOL

   Oh well, so I am trying out some new things with the sun paints-on wool, and on printed fabrics not plain white, and I am wanting to imprint fall leaves-so we will see what develops with the rest of my fabrics-as the clouds keep rolling over and its a bitty windy too for this project.

sorry enough of me complaining-Since there were no more entries for my soap giveaway so far today I decided to make myself feel better and do the drawing early afternoon instead of late afternoon.

1. Shirley in Missouri

2.Kimberli  in North Carolina

3. Wehaf

4.My garden diaries

Congratulations to all, I will be contacting you soon on your choice of sale items in my shop Here is a link of what you can choose    a few of the items I have only one in stock so those will go to the one in order drawn if more than one person chooses.


Everyone has gotton back to me-thank you-except for drawing #3 Wehaf  Please get a hold of me by noon on Sunday Sept 29th otherwise I will choose a new winner-thanks

Photos Of Hand Dyes and Silk Blouses

                                          Goldenrod second batch

      The large blotch areas are from when the plaid wool with red transfered over in the overnight mordant bath. 
    This time I dyed with the flowers still in the bath-and I discovered with this dye project that the first one or two pieces that goes into the pot grabs all the dye. I have yellows this time-yeah.         The greenish yellow in the back of second photo started out as a very light beige (ladies pants)-these pieces will all be perfect for appliques or rug hooking. The red plaid piece I put in last and was a softer beige background so it picked up a little color and the reds are brighter too. 
    The last photo was in the first project I did the day before and I am actually loving this color now-very soft beige with a hint of yellow, think it will weave up into a nice scarf.

Just a note on photos-click to enlarge for better viewing and detail.

                                        Osage Orange

    This is the first I have worked with this natural dye and I really like it. I put the two large skeins of white wool in first so they grabbed the most yellow, and then put in the other pieces. Some of the red plaid also transfered onto some of these pieces. So I won't have anything to sell from these hand dyes but I will have plenty to add to my wool applique, wool crazy quilt blocks, rug hooking, and weaving stash.  What I liked about the osage orange is that the wools grabbed all the color and kept it. When I hand washed and hand rinsed; the water was clear in all steps. When I poured out the dye bath it was clear as well. Unlike the goldenrod that lost allot of yellows during the wash and needed an extra rinse. The yarn especially in this dye bath is a beautiful soft yellow.
      Now if I have time this fall to get an indigo dye bath going, I can over dye some of these pieces and should get green.

Those plaids will be wonderful for backgrounds in rug hooking. In the past I have done most of my natural dye projects outdoors over an open fire pit and in a very very large stainless steel pot. I think I got much better results with this method. Makes a longer day with waiting for the pot to heat up, but the materials have more room to move around in the dye bath. I used old water bath canners this time in the house. I grabbed the water bath canner I was using for canning-was going to turn it over as a dye bath canner next year, but I needed it now. So I am on the hunt for an affordable stainless steel canner now, which I should have purchased years and years ago and would still be using it now.

                           Now on to the silk blouses

     I wasn't going to reveal til they had a chance to set-get rinsed, and pressed-so you need to look beyond what they look like now. They may fade just a bit. Opinions please on these. 
     I need to think more next time on size, shape, and placement of the silk tie pieces and how they get folded up. As you fold; the larger silk tie pieces get larger when they imprint. I especially love the effect of adding the red onion skins to the dye bath-which gives the tans.
      I do really love the short sleeved blouse. On this one the orange pieces in the front were from a tie, but those flowers were cut out from a silk blouse so the dye was not as intense. This one could have stood to stay under the rocks longer. I am still thinking if I want to add fabric paints to those flowers or just see how it turns out after the rinse and press.
      So would any of you wear a blouse like these?

       I am on the hunt now for more pretty blue ties with flowers. I have used up the tie that I had now and really love how it transfers.

Last reminder on my soap giveaway-today is your last chance to sign up-check my blog archive on left side bar for post to enter on.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Better Natural Dye Morning & Reveal soon of Silk Blouses

Good morning, I was all set to post some photos and my camera says battery needs charging-lol So sometime today I will post photos.

I usually don't do major projects when I am tired, and this week I have been a bit tired and "spacey" do to the high mold and pollen count. However, not to be stopped-LOL I pushed myself with my natural dye project-which I really enjoy.

First off yesterday when I was setting up my mordant bath I really really messed up the math and did not realize it til too late. I just picked up a new scale and when it read say 1.6 I took that as one pound instead of being 1.6 ounces-don't know why my head did not wrap around the mistake right away but any way I ended up with 5 times the amount of alum and cream of tartar needed-oh my. 

This is not new for me as I never was very good at math and still count on my fingers to this day. Anyways I called the very nice and very helpful people at Earth hues and told them what I had done, if they knew if there was still mordant in the bath for more wool. She was so understanding, I love this company and buy my mordants from them, and suggested no loss to try and mordant more wool instead of just throwing out the mordant bath. So that was my first mistake yesterday and made the day longer. I decided to gather up just 2 more pound of wool-which is allot of wool, and I think I really ended up with just about a pound and half. I am glad I did that now, cause allot of the wool fabric pieces are not picking up the colors.

So I had already picked another batch of goldenrod flowers to make another dye bath with from yesterday's gathering and  I also started another bath with osage orange which is also a dye for yellows. The osage orange is a fine sawdust-slivers of bark that I purchased and soaked overnight.

I went back to the way I have always worked with natural dyestuffs and decided not to strain but to put the wool right in. I get so much better colors this way. Only down side it may spot a little, and if the material is fine like the osage orange is this time-it really sticks to fine wool yarns-and is time consuming to remove. But this morning I do have pretty colors.

Another mistake last night was I decided to let the second bath cool down on its own with the wool in it overnight-this is recommended in several dye books-so this morning-oh no another mistake-I forgot about the plaid check wool with red stripes in it-yep it transfered onto most of the pieces. So nothing is ever perfect so I just went ahead and dyed. The fabric pieces will be fine as they will be cut up for rug hooking, and the two large skeins of fine wool well I will just weave with those, so all is good!

The silk blouses are pretty much dry now and on hangers, but they can't be rinsed out in the vinegar-water for several days-to finish setting up the colors. So they are really wrinkled now-but I want to show you photos-I need to refine the technique a bit, but I am hoping I get customers that will love these too. Kathy's eco-clothing-lol

Another gorgeous gorgeous day here in the ozarks. Tomorrow or saturday I will have a fabric painting day with my friend down the road. I may do some autumn leaf prints this time with the setacolor paints. Today I need to catch up on bookwork too, and decide what to make for supper-in case Larry does not come home with catfish-

Have an awesome day everyone-and don't forget to sign up for my giveaway-drawing tomorrow sometime late afternoon.

Giveaway Reminder

I posted last week about a giveaway out of my Kathyinozarks Soaps on Etsy. I will draw 4 winners More details and sign up on blog here
Drawing sometime Friday-thinking Friday evening now to allow for more sign ups.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Long Natural Dye Day

This turned out to be a very long day. Usually I spend a day just to do the mordanting (fixer) on the cloth or yarn, and the dyeing the next day.

Allot of waiting for pots to either warm up or cool down, and then warm up again. At the end of the day I was very disappointed. The goldenrod flowers are just perfect and gorgeous this week, and they usually give me awesome golden yellows. (search for dyeing with goldenrod to see my past projects)

I had thrown in a tiny sample piece and it was a gorgeous yellow as I had hoped, but for some reason by the time I strained out the flowers, and then let the bath cool down enough to add the wool back in (too hot will felt it) my end results were soft tans and browns with the yarns having a hint of yellow-sigh I had placed that plaid piece in the dye pot first-it was a very very light tan and I am thinking that may have soaked up allot of the color, the other fabric piece was pure white-so am really surprised that did not come out more yellow.

I really don't know what went wrong, never let the dye bath with flowers go to boil or simmer as that will dull the colors-perhaps it was our well water-but then why was my little test piece so pretty?

I had ordered a while back some osage orange which is to give nice yellows too-so I have that soaking over night (it's a bark) now and will redye the yarns in that dye bath tomorrow.

As to my silk blouses that I did on Monday; they were really drawing allot of gnats for some reason under those rocks. So since the recipe says to wait at least 2 to 3 days-I decided to open them up. I must say I think they will be cool. One blouse I had cut out flowers from a silk blouse but the dye transfer was not as intense as I get from ties-so I am thinking I may try to paint over those flowers with dye na flow fabric paints. I will decide once they dry and sit a bit. I will reveal photos once they dry. I think I am on to something pretty nifty-just need to re think how to place some of the tie pieces-but I like them-so that made me feel better after my wool dye disappointment.

A few photos: the pieces of wool fabrics (reclaimed from skirts, jackets etc) will work out nicely for rug hooking. The yarn does have a nice softness to it, but I still want to try and get more a yellow.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Remember the Silk Fabric I Dyed with Silk Ties Last Spring??

Well, I heat set it, washed it in warm water and lined dried it the other day and I am just soooo pleased that it washed up beautifully.

I went outdoors this afternoon and took several photos and just listed it in my Kathyinozarks fiber etsy shop (link in top left column here) This measures around 24" square minus the two cut outs of where the sleeves once were. Art cloth for all sorts of uses; lining in a purse or vest, fabric to sew up little drawstring bags, crazy quilt fabric, mixed media, quilting and much more.

Here are a few photos:

Monday, September 23, 2013

It Was a Good Couple of Days Here in the Ozarks & My Dye Project

First off a little reminder in case you missed my post-please sign up for my giveaway from my Kathyinozarks soap shop-I will be drawing 4 winners. Go here for details and to sign up. Drawing will be this friday.

Yesterday our friend that came down to bow hunt over slept-so he said lets go out for breakfast and then on to Springfield, Mo to take in the new NRA museum and the Archery Hall of Fame museum at the Bass Pro Shop. So that's what we did, and we all really enjoyed the day. This was just a fabulous collection. One of the pieces I was excited to see was an air rifle with many rounds that Lewis and Clark took on their Corps of Discovery trip. I had no idea this was around back in that time period.

The museum was set up high above the main store floor and was a huge display that if you walked the whole exhibit it took you to the opposite side of the store into the archery museum. It took us 3 hours to walk through all of it. It was pretty dark in the store, but I did get a few photos. Bass Pro in Springfield is the corporate headquarters so it is a gigantic store with waterfalls, and large tanks with fish. It draws many tourists. Click to enlarge the photos.

This last photo is looking through a glass display of bows-and if you enlarge the photos you will see across the way the gun museum, down below is the main floor of the store.

   Today, I was anxious to try another silk tie dyeing project onto silk blouses. I did one blouse that was sleeveless and the other with long sleeves. I folded the pieces the same way-accordian style, that I did on my last piece, added them to the vinegar water to simmer for 2 hours, and I also added in red onion skins, and some goldenrod. The goldenrod really needed to be in an alum mordant first but decided to throw some in any ways. I am getting a gorgeous tan-to brown on the blouses-and inside some of the fabric will be staying tan to whitish along with the silk tie pieces that will transfer on to the blouses. Hoping for a cool results on these so I can sell them as eco clothing in my fiber shop.
   The pieces are now sitting in a pot under heavy rocks for several days. I will try not to peak too early this time lol

This first photo shows the two blouses-folded and tied up simmering in the dye bath-they turned out allot darker after 2 hours.

This is the photo at the stage they are at now-you can see the pretty brown that they are now. Instructions say to leave like this undisturbed for at least 3 days-I will see if I can wait til the weekend before peaking.

Tonight one of my favorite shows is back; The Voice  I really enjoy this program and is the only one I watch of this type, the music is always so excellent-and I love the coaches too. Did any of you catch the first show of Sleepy Hollow last week monday? I watched it out of curiosity and it is actually really good. This was on the same time as The Voice- tonight, but they will be re running Sleepy Hollow this Friday-so will watch it then.

I finished up  my commissioned piece and mailed if off last friday, and got word back today that she loves it. I will reveal the project soon-after she blogs about it first. I was really happy with this piece, and glad my customer told me I could do this for her-it was out of my element-but loved the process and the results.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

What's New in Kathyinozarks Fiber and Soap Shops on Etsy??

Good morning Sunday and welcome in the first day of Autumn; the mornings here are definately feeling like the season too-love it.

In my Kathyinozarks Soaps on Etsy I am holding a giveaway for 4 lucky winners, and so far I have just barely 4 entries so please sign up here The drawing will be this coming Friday. Your choice of goat milk hand lotion, soaps, shea butter moisturizer, pumpkin salt scrub and more.

In my Kathyinozarks Fibers on Etsy I just listed a piece of sky fabric that is 29" by 10" would love your input and more information on the inspiration soon.

I also am featuring several sets of hand dyes "Autumn in the Ozarks" that I dyed last year that would love to be in your studios for fall crafting, quilting, and sewing. Remember to use coupon code blogger for 10% off your purchase. I have these oranges, also yellows, greens, reds.

Also watch out for some silk on silk dyed pieces that I will be adding soon to my Kathyinozarks Fibers shop.

    Remember that piece of silk I dyed with the ties? I will be listing that piece in my shop soon for your fiber art creations.It washed up beautifully yesterday. I am setting up to do some eco clothing pieces. I have been picking up silk blouses at the resale shops and will be dying some with the silk tie technique and also fabric paints or natural dye stuffs.

Happy Autumn!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Little Giveaway from my Kathyinozarks Soap Shop

   I decided it is time for a giveaway to welcome in Autumn and to also give you a chance to try an item in my soap shop. 

     I have a few items that are wonderful still but they need to get used up before I make new batches including soaps, shea butter moisturizer, goat milk hand lotion and my pumpkin salt scrub.
   Everyone that has tried my Foaming Pumpkin Salt Scrub just loves it. I also have several other items in my shop on sale.

    I will draw four winners on the morning of September 27th-your choice of any one sale item in my shop. (this link will take you to the items to choose from-should you be a lucky winner)

     International entries welcome but do to the high cost of shipping-I will request a share in the shipping charges-you pay half and I will pay half. I don't want to not include international but sorry it is becoming cost prohibitive to ship out of the States now.

   Good luck to all of you, and be sure to leave a contact email in your comment if your settings are set to no reply-thanks.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Feeling Less Stressed Today & Family Memories & Foods & Books (long)

    I have been working on just not letting things get to me so much. I need to for my own mental health, This has been a summer with just so many different happenings and changes. Was hard to grasp it all I think.

   Started out with my Mom falling and mentally declining. I miss our weekly conversations over the phone now-usually an hour or more long-I would just let her talk as much as she wanted. Now when I call she is not the "same" person most times, and does not want to stay on the phone more than a few minutes. I am beginning to grasp all this now. I think I have felt "weird" too, that when we needed to go through her home and decide what to sell and what to keep-that this does not usually happen til after a death. 
      I am loving the desk I brought down-I remember it as a child growing up. I am also enjoying using Mom's good china dishes from Japan as my everyday dishes now. My brother had talked me into taking them. He took her better silverware, and just did not want the dishes, actually he did not want much of anything for himself. I was thinking with no cupboards still, I just have no place for these. Plus I love handmade pottery dishes better. However, I got to thinking I no longer have a nice every day set, and did not have enough to serve more than 3 people at a time(from a very very old pottery set I had gotton my from Grandma years and years ago (these dishes were handmade in California), and most people do not understand that my other pottery dishes are all handmade by people I knew, so these dishes need to be handled with care and love;  so I agreed to take Mom's china. I am really happy now that I did-as I really enjoy using them. The pattern is dogwood flowers-and we have gorgeous dogwoods here in the spring. Also on the back of the dishes they say made for Marshall Fields in Japan. Good memories of the old Marshall Fields store in Chicago which is no more. So good memories all around.

  Is your kitchen filled with memories?? I love having my Grandma's pyrex, enamelware pieces, and other items for baking. I have allot of pieces for baking from my Mom's kitchen too, and also have a few items from my late sister's kitchen. When I use these pieces they just really make me feel good and happy-like they are in the kitchen with me-especially my Grandma's items. It must be wierd I know, but I love that all these items are made in the USA-as I want them to be.

   Our friend came in for bow hunting yesterday, so since his wife will not eat or prepare venison, I told our friend that I would prepare several venison dishes this week for him to enjoy. He loves to hunt but needs to give away the meat.
   So last night I made a meatloaf in the crock pot (the only way I cook this now) that everyone just raved about. I used ground venison, beef, and sage sausage for the meats, to keep it gluten free no bread or crackers-which I never liked anyways, but I used left over cooked wild rice, two eggs, sauted red onion, garlic, and sweet peppers, and ketchup, worche. sauce, steak sauce, some black pepper, and spices. Packed it into the crock pot-kept the liquid drained off through out the cooking. 
     I had just read Pioneer Women's blog yesterday morning and she shared a recipe for bruschetta. I had never made this but it looked so delicious and I had all the ingredients-fresh little tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, and I had Italian bread in the freezer and gluten free bread for me too. This was sooooo delicious I will definately make it again. I did not use all that butter for the bread that she did, but I added a little olive oil in the cast iron pan and buttered the bread on both sides-and cooked til golden brown on both sides-still got the butter flavor with out adding all that fat to it. This was a huge hit last night-everyone loved it. I served this in place of another starch, and added salads and steamed broccoli.
    So today I took out of the freezer my last venison tenderloin and will serve that up tonight-not sure what else I will serve with it yet.

   I decided we needed a few cookies for the guys-and me too-lol It is cool today and a little rainy for now-next two days though will be hot and steamy. So I took the chocolate chip cookie recipe from the newer Joy of Cooking cookbook and changed up some of the ingredients. For the guys I used coconut oil instead of butter, coconut sugar and splenda instead of all the sugars, and pastry whole wheat flour instead of white flour. They turned out delicious-cause the guys keep coming back for another cookie-lol
    For my gluten free version I also used coconut oil instead of butter, for the sugars I used sorgham, coconut sugar, and stevia-sugar blend, used my gluten free flour mix. Mine turned out really good too just soft instead of crunchy-but I liked mine too for something a little different. I am now only using the coconut oil for baking up cookies, etc and I really like it. I liked the coconut sugar too instead of using brown sugar.

     I go through these stages of buying new books-do you do that?? I love books-not the kindle books or online books but real books with real pages-love that and won't switch. Anyways, I  bought a new gluten free book called Sweet Cravings by Kyra Bussanich who had won cupcake wars on Food Network-never telling the judges til afterward that her flours were gluten free. Her recipes look delicious but they use lots of fats and cream so I need to work on that for us. I also purchased a new dye book for dyeing wools which I am anxious to receive, and I just ordered an old black and white book about embroidery-which looked like a really good addition to my craft library too. The embroidery book I bought is coming from England as it was in the nicest condition for the price that I ran into online-both checking ebay and amazon books. Allot of the older books on crafts  have so much more detailed how to information then most of the newer books.

   Looks like I have just written a book here-lol  Have an awesome Tuesday!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Goldenrod versus Ragweed

I am out in the coolness of the morning, gathering goldenrod tops-for dye stuffs as it makes a gorgeous clear yellow.

I have blogged about this before-in my search tool-check for my goldenrod posts-but there is a difference between ragweed and goldenrod.

Ragweed is the one that gives off the allergens-not goldenrod-although it gets blamed for it.

This is a photo of ragweed-especially notice the leaves. and I found this really close up view of ragweed here


This is a photo and diagram of the beautiful goldenrod-notice the big difference in the leaves-and especially the flowers. Goldenrod is also considered an herb-so if interested in more information please check my other posts in the search tool. 

We may just finally get some much needed rain this coming week, hope so-loving these cooler mornings. 

Enjoy your Sunday

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Very Nice Day Today

No rain here still, but the temperatures are just fantastic-lows in the 50s and highs in the mid 70s for another day.

We have tom turkeys in the back yard by the woods line, and deer coming up for corn too now.

I was up early this morning cause I had lots of things to bake and prepare for a lunch today. Larry had met a friend through his business awhile back, who stopped by with friends a couple months ago now and we had such a nice visit then. This time he was coming in with his wife, visiting family in Missouri, so decided to drive a little further to visit with us. I wanted to make a nice lunch again for all of us.

So the guys got up early too and went fishing for trout-which Mr P grilled for us-delicious! I made homemade cornbread, I baked up a carrot cake from this months issue of Living Without magazine-so it was gluten free, egg free, dairy free-turned out awesome and will make again. I also made up a really nice fresh slaw with cabbage, a couple of our cucumbers shredded also, added in sweet peppers and used an Italian dressing just enough to moisten. Everyone really liked that. I also had large platters of olives, cheeses, my pickles, and our fresh heirloom tomatoes. Guys had a bottle of micro brewery beer, and the two of us ladies enjoyed a glass of wine. 

His wife and I got to know each other, so we hit it off pretty fast. She comes from a farmer's background too.

So just a really nice day.

Those of you that have known me for awhile now-remember that first pillow I made with the Eiffel Tower fabric that Aggie in Paris had sent me??-and I had quilted that with gold metallic thread, added buttons, and needle felted it too with wools, and the backing was my hand dyed blue fabric.I also used organic cotton batting for the stuffing. I always loved how that turned out, really enjoyed making it too. I had it for sale in my etsy fiber shop for awhile, had gotton lots of good reviews but never sold it, so I took it off my listings.  Well when I was showing her my craft room-she saw it and loved it!  So now it has a new home-that made me feel really good and appreciated, and that I can make something that someone else will love too.

This morning early when I was reading my emails, blogs etc, I discovered I had won a handmade stencil for my craft projects from an artist's blog I enjoy reading and learning from here  So that was unexpected and now I can't wait to see which stencil has my name on it.

So a very good Saturday for me-I really needed it too. I have gotton myself way too stressed out over the last 2 months. Not healthy and not good. So will be working on that next week.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Thursday from the Ozarks Catch Up & Coupons for my Etsy Shops

  We are still waiting for the cool down, and a rain storm here-but from the way it still looks and feels out there-not going to happen-unless it  comes through tonight. After that 10 day period of 36 inches over a month ago-we are now dry as a bone with not a drop of rain since then. They are still promising a couple days of 70s so will have to see what mother nature has in store for us.

  As of yesterday afternoon, my spider bite has finally-after a weeks time-stopped burning and hurting non stop. Since I was bit in my knee twice it does still hurt a bit into the muscle but it is getting much better now. Have a few more days of the antibiotic to take too. The last several days I made a strong tea with dried calendula flowers, lavender flowers, and comfrey and then scooped up the herbs and placed them on my knee along with a soaked cloth on top-I think that did help relieve some of the pain too. So hopefully the worse is over for this.

  Yesterday for about 6 hours I spent the day working on my hand painted on fabric commissioned piece. I really loved the results so more later after I send the piece to my customer and see if she likes it. Very happy that went well, I have been so stressed with all the events going on here that I have not been able to focus on my art or soap.

  Mr. P is learning the scope business from Larry and they are getting caught up on lots of repair work-I know Larry really enjoys having him here-so that is a very good thing. I am just not happy though that he is living on my couch-which is where my computer is, my weaving is-so I feel trapped in my own home. When I don't sleep well or hubby does not have a good night I work in the living room-and can't do that now.  He led us to believe he had money for the cabin-bringing in the electric etc-but he has no money-and he is not spending any time at all working on his cabin. We are early risers and do what we gotta do outdoors early in the morning before the heat of the day settles in-not Mr P he sleeps in so it's too hot to work when he gets up-sigh  I know soon he is going back up north for awhile-so I need to pin him down on what is going on. A gal's gotta know these things-lol I also feel like I am the maid here and I don't like that either. We also can not afford to support another person-so if he comes back I will insist on food money at least.

  Ok enough of my little rant. I wanted to let all of you know, my dear readers and followers, that I have set up coupon codes in my etsy shops just for you. The links to both of my shops are in the upper left hand corner-just click on kathyinozarks for which shop. When you check out, type in blogger in the coupon code area and you will receive 10% off your purchase before shipping. This applies to all of you and is set up in both of my shops for you to use. If you are international just email me for shipping costs and I will set up a custom listing for you. Early in the year our post office really gave a huge price hike to all international rates-so I took off the rates in my shops so as not to get surprised if I made a mistake in calculating.
   With all this stress going on around me this summer, I have not been able to create new things for my shops-I am hoping to get back into soap making soon, and hoping for some nice cooler but sunny days for more hand dyes to offer. I do have sales going on in my shops too-several really nice items in my soap shop especially-pumpkin scrub, gardeners soap scrub, goat milk hand lotion, and more.

Adding to all the changes etc going on this summer here, I just got a letter from our doctor-whom we have had and really like for 10 years now, will no longer be a primary doctor-he is changing positions so he can work in their out patient clinic-so that is another stressser added to the mix. Must be a summer of major changes for us this year-so gotta go with the flow as best we can.

  I am cleaning house today, friends flying in just for the day on saturday (they have their own plane) and then on monday a friend of ours from Illinois is bringing down his camper and will stay for about a week or so.  Bow hunting starts then and that is his favorite hunting method-so busy busy here lol

  I hadn't called my Mom for a few weeks now. The last time I called her mind was so bad I thought I was going to cry right then but I waited til I got off the phone. I had a long talk with my brother this morning-a really nice catch up for us, and I mentioned I was thinking of calling her today. He told me one of the best times to call her is right after lunch-when she seems to be more alert. So Mom and I had a good conversation considering the circumstances. So that made me feel better, and not guilty for not calling her. Dimentia is such a horrible disease-I started using organic unrefined coconut oil for my baking now and for sauteing veggies, also using coconut cream in place of milks, and taking coconut capsules as well-to help prevent me from getting this horrible disease.

  Well I have "talked" your ears off by now-Have an awesome weekend everyone.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Recipes for Homemade Drawing Salves-Do You Have one that You Make??

 A couple days ago now, I was outdoors helping to clean up things after the guys cleaned and scaled some white catfish. I went to pick up a bucket filled with water to rinse off the picnic table-and I got a sharp pain in my left knee.

  At first I thought I popped something in my knee, I have torn cartilage that way already, then I thought I got stung by a bee. Not thinking much of it til the next afternoon-it had continued to burn deep in the knee, and it had a bright red spot where I had gotton bitten twice-looks like a nasty burn.

  So when our friend Mr L came by I had him look at it to see if he thought it was a bee or wasp bite-nope he says-that looks like a recluse spider bite. So, I ask I had blue jeans (actually pink jeans lol) how did it get inside my leg?? they do that he says. We keep antibiotics around for cases like this, so I started taking it that day.

  In the mean time, it continues to burn and hurt in the muscle,an ice pack numbs it for a bit but doesn't seem to be helping all that much. webmd suggested the ice packs-but I am thinking that should have been done right away.

  I got to thinking yesterday perhaps a drawing salve would help?? I don't have any on hand, so when I go to town soon I need to pick up some-but I would rather make my own in case there is a next time with a bite. Most recipes seem to take about a month to produce.

  Those of you that use herbs, have you made a drawing salve before?? if so can you share your recipe? Thanks

  Looking online I found a few sites with recipes that I may make if I could get all the ingredients. I need to find the plantain though. Need to ask Mr L if he knows if it grows here in our woods.

 From:   Webmd
              Wellness Mama  I liked this one
               Herbs Love to Know  this uses charcoal, oils, honey
              Wikinut for spider bites  this was a good read for the future

I should have written it down but this is the third day, (I am on antibiotics too) I do have on hand dried comfrey, fresh calendula, lavender-I think I will make a very strong "tea" with these herbs and soak a cloth and apply-while watching a little football today.

Art Sunday Fiber Art Crochet

These are too cool-crocheted playgrounds


from here 

from here  

Tentacles Fiber Art Wall Hanging, Free Form Crochet, Colorful Wool

Found this piece on etsy-now sold from here

found on tumbler here

Friday, September 6, 2013

Those of You that Can-I'm Looking for a Sweet Pickle Relish Recipe-Do you have a favorite??

(Above photo from here with a dill relish recipe) 

(this photo from here  with a fermented relish recipe)

 I have enough fresh cucumbers again to make up a sweet pickle relish. In the past I have used the one in Ball's book but I am not that fond of it-and it takes lots of time too.
   So I looked online and one that sounds pretty good-could be started in the morning and finished up same day. recipe here  I liked the ingredients in this one too as it uses onions and cucumbers and no peppers. It also has garlic and dill seed added with the spice list. But now I see from the link under first photo this recipe is pretty much the same as the dill relish but is calling it a sweet relish??
  Those of you that can up pickle relish-have you made one similiar to this? Or do you have a favorite recipe you would like to share?
  Thanks-I am canning up the brined pickles tomorrow morning, so I would like to make up a sweet relish too.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What Do Ya Do With LOTS of Carrots??

Start canning them of course lol  Late yesterday afternoon we were given lots and lots of carrots. Too many for us really, so need to find homes for some of them. I will feed them to the deer and wildlife as well-I know it will be a treat for them too.

We are not into candied carrots, mostly cause carrots by themselves already have lots of sugar in them, so I ended up scrubbing up pint jars and filled the canner twice-32 pints of carrots that I canned just in plain boiling water. These will be nice for stews, soups, and with corned beef dinners too; so a nice edition to the pantry.

I will shred some of them and use in breads and we like my Grandma's old salad recipe of shredded carrots, soaked raisins-to plump them up, and just enough mayonnaise to mix it all together. I will keep some fresh in the frig too, but don't need more than that.

We are 50's in the mornings now and really loven' that-gives the house a chance to cool down. Kinda tired this morning so don't know what I will get into. Will see in a bit if I am up to my dye project.

How is your morning going?


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