Monday, August 26, 2013

Wow Progress Being Made on my Tissue Papered Walls

It is amazing how fast one can complete a task by working on it every day-even if it is just an hour or two. Even with my eyes bothering-I made myself work on this for at least an hour minimum each day since I started. 

So this was a long wall and now I am up to the door. Need to finish what you see down to the floor, and above the door, and along the other side of the door is a narrow piece of wall to do. From the photos I can see a couple a little spots I missed, so will go back in and cover those with the paper. (click on the photos to view larger) the second photo shows the hallway-which I am not starting on til the bathroom is completed.

Once dry, this gets another coat of kilnz and then I have one more wall to the right of this on the other end of wall that hooks up to my rock shower. I am really hoping I have just enough tissue paper to do that wall too, as Lowes is no longer carrying the tissue paper any more for this technique. 

After that the walls left to do are around the tub area and the back side of my rock shower-I will do those different-not sure exactly though-lol-the bottom half of the wall will have rocks. 

This bath room has been a long project-since the end of yahoo 360 days-yikes but I took this on as a work of art, and didn't worry about the time line. My rock shower was completed 2 years ago-now to get hubby to finish up what he needs to do-but you know how it goes-life stuff gets in the way, and making money too.

I did come up with an idea for the ceiling, so I can complete the walls with paints and stains first, and then do the ceiling. My neck and body won't be able to handle texturing and painting the ceiling so I think we will put some kind of metal  paneling up there-the kind found in farm milk buildings. It's cheap and the guys should be able to get it up there for me-despite all the cut outs-we will see how that develops next year.

Anyways I am pleased with the progress. 


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