Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sweet Brined Pickles out of the Canner

These are one of my favorite pickles to make, they remind me of my Grandmother too. (I see the reflection of the towel is in the glass of the pickles-lol-no my pickles are not pink. lol)

My Grandma always made large batches of the sweet gherkins-they take two weeks to make and she grew those little bitty cucumbers for this recipe. This year I decided to grow those long Japanese cucumbers cause they are always crisp and crunchy-and I am glad  I did as they are working out well for these brined pickles along with bread and butter pickles. With all the rain we got earlier-they are still producing.

So I have another batch started. These though; I will change them up a bit and add a piece of garlic clove along with a little hot red pepper flakes-sweet and a little hot is always tasty in pickles.

The recipe I follow is in the Ball canning book under brined pickles. I love the spices in their sweet gherkin recipe but I love the method better in their icicle pickle recipe-so I combine the two-

When I was out yesterday to pick up a few needed things-more sugar-lol for the hummers and the pickles, and I needed bottles of lime juice in case we get tomatoes to make salsa to can-I spotted a nifty tool for canning-I love it. I have missed place my tool for getting the bubbles out of the jar-they are made of plastic and I like them better than using a table knife.
   So looking for that-they had one that does that but on the other end of it-will also measure the head space-how much space to leave below the lid and the liquid contents. Nifty-this will be especially helpful to me for my pressure canner canning-cause I never get the full 1/2" head space-and that causes me to loose too much of the liquid when it is canned for long periods of time.

I found this photo it is the blue tool on the right

  That edge on the bottom is the spacer tool-mine was green and I was not happy at all that it was made in China-sigh-but I ended up buying it-which I really try hard not to support China

Yesterday at the resale shops I found a couple nifty silk ties for another dye project, also a silk blouse for fifty cents which I will use the same technique for-and a couple nice cotton tops for me to wear that were also fifty cents. However, I found a gorgeous yellow silk blouse that I wanted to overdye with the shibori technique-and it was not in my bag this morning when I was going threw things. I must have dropped it some how while shopping-that store is always crammed with items and very crowded-so that makes me sad-as I loved that color. oh well-have to be on the hunt again.

Can you believe that September is almost here? I just can not get my head around that at all. This summer has gone by so fast-with the unusual weather-and all that drama we went threw-I am still not over that for some reason-

Have an awesome day!


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