Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rain Rain Please Go Away for a Bit

 My area of the ozarks is just getting soooo much rain-6 and 7 inches every day or every night-and is still in the forecast for the next 10 days or so.

We have the flash flood warnings here-which is normal with this amount of rain do to all the ups and downs in the landscape and all the rivers. Just 40 minutes drive from me though up Highway 44 is much worse than me-They got more rain than we did all day yesterday and then at 3 am it started again-so they got an emergency flash flood warning. Near Ft Leonard Wood they are flooded out of their homes, allot of house trailors are getting moved off their foundations, they now have a gas leek-I fear the reports will be much worse by tonight and may even be on the national news. Rescue crews were needing rescued as the rivers swelled and cut them off. So prayers to all involved in that area. News report here  This is a very early report so you could refresh the page or go to the home page for more information on what is happening.

We are just high enough from the Niangua river to not fear flooding where my home is-but the composition of the soil here-holds the water til we get a few dry days and then the rocks just take down the water-so we are really water logged now. The guys started digging the trench for the water line from our well house to our friends little home-so you can imagine the added "mess" here. This month and July are usually very very hot and dry-this year we are cooler with soooo much rain. I think mother nature is just making up from the last 2 1/2 years of severe drought conditions we had in this area; but really enough is enough-LOL sounds like what Europe went threw last summer.

Not sure what I will be doing with my time today-tomorrow my brined pickles will be ready to finish up and can. I may start on that long wall in the bathroom-the wall needs to be prepared before I can tissue paper it


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