Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Friday Everyone

  All in all this was a pretty good Friday for me today.

I drove my new car for the first time this morning, and that went well. As Mitch had commented it will be like riding a bike-and actually it was for me on the way home.

I did have a problem figuring out the gas cap so when I was at the gas pump could not get it off at all-had Larry show me how went I got back home-and he thinks I may not be strong enough to do the push and turn thing-so I need to practice that-gotta be able to fill up with gas when I am in town-lol

My aching eyes are do to sinus pressure and allergies-and also my eye doctor thinks I am allergic to the preservatives that were in the eye drops that dilated my eyes. So he recommended picking up an eye lubricant drop with no preservatives-and one that is packaged in single doses- I picked that up today.

It is really hot here today-we just got too spoiled with those gorgeous cool days here. I put my whole chicken into the crock pot and not on the Weber grill as I had planned-so I could cook in the cool-it was a really big one so hoping it gets done in the next hour-or I am in trouble-lol
  I have a big bag of kale greens that I think I will saute up with red onions, and serve with corn.

After resting my eyes a bit, I worked a couple hours this afternoon on my tissue paper wall in the bathroom-it's looking good and I am 3/4 completed now. We decided on a cool way to do the ceiling-so I will be able to complete the wall project first in this room-and then we are going to nail up these metal panels that are used in barns I guess-much easier for me than straining my neck to texture it-so I am happy about that. I am going to keep plugging away on my walls til it is too cold to work in that room.

How has Your Friday been?


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