Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Good Morning Wednesday & Catch Up

Wow I see it has been awhile again since my last post. I really do love blogging and reading your posts-but life stuff has just gotton in the way this month.

We are back to normal hot and dry August weather this week-so I had to remind myself to water my veggies-last night I discovered they were bone dry. I got spoiled with that 10 day stretch of rain-we ended up getting at least 36" of rain during that time-that's allot of rain. The guys went trout fishing the other day and the river is still very high and the spring is still shooting up muddy water.

Mr P drove back last night-I guess the dog is doing better and he was really ill as well-stress has a way of making health issues come to the surface. Not sure what is happening about his wife-but we decided not to bring that up at the moment-he is wanting to get his cabin finished up and liveable-however when Mrs P left with all the drama that day-she cancelled  the electric-so that's a problem-he will need to start that process all over again-and can't dig with rain-and we will be running into the rain season again in September-but that's his problem and I am not going to concern myself with it.

Did you have a gorgeous full moon last night where you live? Ours was just stunning with no clouds in the sky.

I think I haven't mentioned the good news-we finally have a car to drive-happy dancing! My neighbor friend bought a brand new car, so we were able to buy her old one-its a mercury mountaineer 1999 but with very low mileage and well taken care of-so something I can drive too. I have not had anything to drive now for over 2 years so this may be a little scarey for me-as I got used to being a passenger and not a driver-but this is a big stress reliever for us. Living in the woods-one needs dependable transportation, so we are greatful this came along and we could afford it.

I have been playing a bit with my fabric paints on cotton, these use the sun to set the color, for my commissioned piece. I am getting closer to the colors I need, and am still working on the technique-but this is always fun to do. 

Well, I am off to work on my tissue paper walls

How have you all been??


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