Friday, August 30, 2013

Blog Friends Stopped by for a Visit

How fun!  My blog friends Bill and Karen who now live in Kentucky were on a road trip to Arizona and then to California-so since Missouri is on their way too they stopped in for a visit this morning.

I am on the left in purple-then Karen's sister-in the back, then Karen, and in front is her husband Bill. We had a nice long visit this morning over coffee. Was hoping to make them a nice meal-but they got in late last night in Lebanon, Mo so they stopped by in the morning.

Karen and I have been online blog "sisters" for many years now-was so nice to finally be able to meet up. Karen helped me sew up the quilt blocks for the love quilt I had made back in February for our blog sister Pat-Sea nymph (who sadly passed from her fight with cancer)  Blogging and meeting good friends is such an awesome experience for me and very rewarding.


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