Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Autumn Weather in August

I think the rain is finally out of here for a few days at least. We are now left with gorgeous autumn type weather-highs in the 70s with no humidity and lows in the 50s. A refreshing treat here in August

Larry and I both felt kind of ill yesterday after all the "drama" but I think things will settle back into more normal now-hope so anyways.

Yesterday I went with my friend to get my hair trimmed, and I was long over do for a vision test and new glasses. Good thing I went in as I may have the beginning stages of glaucoma I am to go back in 3 months for a re check. He said the test results could be just out of the norm for me, so he is holding off on the drops til the re check. So that was something unexpected for me. my eyes are still not back to normal either this morning after being dilated-need to check on how long that takes-so my eyes still feel strained.

I will stay out of the sun til my eyes go back to normal, so will probably go back to my tissue paper walls today. 

We still have lots and lots of hummingbirds. For the last month now I have been filling up their feeders twice a day. I am now up to over 65 pounds of sugar-thats a record from the past-lol  There are always a dozen or more at the feeders all day long. We love to watch them though.They will begin their migration very soon now-so by mid september most will be traveling out of the ozarks.

Hope your week is going well


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