Saturday, August 24, 2013

Art Sunday Rug Hooking

I decided to start posting and sharing my Art Sunday posts here again. This was started back in Yahoo 360 days, and Nemo continued it on Multiply and then on Blogster. I am working more and more on this being my primary blog and not posting so much on Blogster any more.

Rug Hooking as Fiber Art
  I know this medium is considered more of a craft than an art form-but this can actually be quite involved. Hand dying the wool to get the right color pallette for one, and some of the fine detail work as well.

A little rug hooking history here
Joan Moshimer is an amazing artist-rug hooker-her gallery is here  when my Mom learned to hook in the 1960s she learned this style of rug hooking-dyeing her own colors and cutting the strips very very narrow

In comments below my friend Jim shared a link to rug hookers in his area 

this is a wonderful site with a blog, online classes and more.  
go  here   thank you Jim


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