Monday, August 12, 2013

A Taste of Sunshine & Tissue Papered Walls

Saturday afternoon we actually had some sunshine-so was able to catch up with the laundry-and I had lots of sheets-so was able to dry those on the line. Walking out of the house and to the compost pile, or to the garden, or to the clothes line is still a major challenge here. Never heard the totals of rainfall here but two of the days we got 16 inches, and most of the other days (10 at least) we had 4 to 6 inches(each day)-so allot of rain for sure. So Mr. P one day decided to start closing some of the water line ditch-but I think he just made us a bigger mess cause things are just too wet.

Yesterday was a sunny day all day and actually got out of the 70s. I did a little weeding-but my garden is a mud hole right now. I have been working on prepping a wall in the bathroom-so got that done, and started the tissue paper technique yesterday afternoon. If you check my labels-check for tissue paper walls for what I did last summer.

I am including a few photos. There is "drama in the ozarks" here-major blow up with Mrs. P which I knew would eventually come, and sadly their dog got into something and became very ill. I suggested using one of our horse leads so she would not go deep into the woods and not go over to our neighbors with cattle and rusty old barbed wire fence, but they said they didn't need it.  I fear their pet may not recover-hope I am wrong about that. So that is very sad along with every thing else going on here.

We have more rain again coming in today and tomorrow-sigh-and then hopefully the rest of the week will be dry and sunny. Hope so as we have a major mess here-and I can't do anything outside without getting frustrated walking over muddy and sinking water line ditches.

The yellowing in some areas is from the wallpaper paste-don't know why it does that-but I will seal this wall with kilnz white paint so won't show.


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