Monday, July 15, 2013

Wow Where did my Monday Go Already lol

  Today just flew on by me today-lol
I had woken up early like 3 am when my hubby gets up to work in his scope repair business. Then I remembered our commercial coffee pot started making clicking noises last night, so I had unplugged it.

  This makes excellent coffee but it does not use up all the water sometimes and over time that creates a problem-has to be totally taken apart and dried-and then I just clean it too. (this is a stainless box so you can not view the water-and they tell you-do not overfill)

  So I got out our old percolators and made him coffee that way and went back to bed around 4 am-surprise for me I slept in til almost 8 am which is not like me at all. So hummingbirds needed to be fed-we have already gone threw 25 pounds of sugar and I just opened up the second 25# bag now. I think with the cooler temps this year-we had more baby hatches. The bees are out and about too-so dodging those guys now-lol

  Next up was to water the garden well as didn't look like we were going to get the promised rain today-and it's hot and humid out there now too-and will be getting hotter threw out the week.

   With Larry emptying the little barn building that will get turned into a home for our friend-I discovered my garden cart that had gotton buried when we stacked up all the black walnut lumber for our floor-so I loved that and wheeled it right on down to the garden. 

     My garden is looking so good-I love it! I now have blossoms on the wax beans, the Japanese long beans are still growing as are the long cucumbers. I did spot 3 Italian zucchini's-and my new seeds are popping up now too-except for the watermelons. The purple zinnias I had bought seed for; are getting ready to flower too-I bought these to try out the ice dye natural dye process I read about in that Australian book I had reviewed in a past blog post.  Looks like I may just get a decent crop of roma tomatoes this year too-which will go into home canned salsa, and if any left from that would love to can some tomatoes too.

    Remember a few months ago I mentioned I had an upcoming commissioned hand dye piece to make? Well, it's getting closer now-as I have the needed measurements and placement of the elements. I had studied about techniques back then to accomplish this, and also have already purchased some new dyes that can also be used as fabric paints, and I love working with sun paints from France-so next up is to recheck the fabric I have and get myself set up. Oh and this is a long piece so I asked hubby if he had any lumber I could use for this-and he said yes-there are two old closet doors in the barn building-checking it out- those will be perfect! Can place one on a folding table with plastic on top when working with the sun paints, and I can place it on our big picnic table when working with the other dyes.
    I also met a new online friend from my weaving list, who is an accomplished fiber artist-so I asked her what she thought of my ideas on dying this project. She suggested a fiber artist who has written a couple books and a dvd that would give me more ideas-so I shopped on amazon and ebay and came away with both books and the dvd for great bargains-yeah!
  This hand dye project is pretty different than anything I have attempted as of yet-but I am anxious for the challenge and the fun! More details later as I get going on this.

  So with shopping on the computer, visiting with Mr L who had dropped by-my day is almost gone already-sigh. Perhaps after supper tonight I will see if I am up to more threading of my weaving project. It's all in the reed now so am now threading the pattern in the heddles.

  How was your Monday??


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