Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wow! Nice Surprise From Hubby-Found at Garage Sale

  My husband is one of those people that finds amazing things for me at garage sales. From vintage rug looms, spinning wheels, crocks, you name it, Larry finds it for me. 

    Probably 15 years or so ago when I had a large garden in Illinois I had said I would really love one of those glass balls for the garden. I had totally forgotton about this since living here in Missouri upon retirement.
   He drives back home from going to the post office this morning as I was just finishing up working in the garden all morning.  He says:  "go check out the box on the front seat". Figuring it was help bringing in some packages from the post office-but no-- this gorgeous hand blown glass ball. Imagine my surprise!!

   He then says "it may have taken me awhile but I did eventually find your wish at a garage sale in town this morning".  (of course I am smiling away)

    I don't know if people still buy these to put in the garden-but I love this, what a perfect finishing touch for a long morning in the garden.

  I grabbed the spray bottle of vinegar I keep by the kitchen sink to finish rubbing off the price tag-and went ahead and shined up the glass-now how pretty is this blue glass ball?


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