Sunday, July 7, 2013

Working on Getting my Weaving Brain Working Again-lol lol

  Before I left for my Indiana trip I had measured off my organic cotton warp for my upcoming weaving project and put it on the loom to have it ready to get warped up when I got back. Of course things have been kinda crazy here since then, but are beginning to get back to more normal now. 
  With the mid 90s here again for at least a week now, I get outdoors by 6am to work on the garden and feed the hummingbirds so I can be done by 11am at the latest-as otherwise just too hot in the sun for me. I figured now that things are calming down I could spend this afternoon to work on my weaving.
   Back in the late 70s when I lived in Colordo and learned the basics of weaving; my instructor taught me to warp my J Made loom from back to front-less stress on the warp threads that way. Most have learned front to back, and most books talk about that method first.
   You  may remember how I messed up with this when I set up my towels-so don't want to go threw that again. I decided for some reason; to get my weaving books out with photos and warp this front to back-but I am one of those people it takes time for the "how to" to kick in so I can get this accomplished and on to the fun part-weaving!
  It's not just that I am getting older-mid 60's-it's just the way my brain works -slow-lol so I am kinda frustrated at the moment so needed a break from it. Thinking too much lol

  It always takes me a bit to visualize the process. Hopefully once I get back into weaving more, this will again become second nature to me-like threading a sewing machine-but in the mean time-a painful process for me at times.

Update:  well two hours later I figured out the problem-I wanted to warp front to back this time-but I was following the instructions to warp the loom from back to front-no wonder my mind was confused lol   I think now that I have this set up to do-I will walk away from this til tonight or tomorrow.  I really love threading from the back-but I do not tie a cross on both ends-and this yarn just twisted itself enough-just was not working to thread from the back this time-the threads were not staying in order which I have never run into before.-So all is good, will see how it works doing it from the front this time. Here are photos on the correct set up now-yeah


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