Thursday, July 25, 2013

Something Accomplished This Week-The Threading is Finished

 This has been a long couple weeks for me; with the major life changes coming up with our long time friends moving down (and being with us for a month or two starting this Monday)  and from taking these antibiotics. Tomorrow is finally my last full day of those-yippie.
   For someone that can not tolerate an asprin without getting major spacey you can imagine what these antibiotics are doing to me-lol
   I have been working on threading all week, but it's gone slow til yesterday and today. This was a really easy pattern to do so any other time I would have gotton it threaded in a week.
  The other thing I had to kinda laugh about, when I bought this loom in 1978 out in Denver, Co where I was living at the time; I didn't have enough money to buy a weaving bench, so I turned an old milk can into my "stool" I painted it up and then wove up material for a pillow. So I guess it's a good thing I have not gained too much weight threw all these years-lol This does get to my lower back now do to age and stuff I have done threw the years; so with anything else I do now-I have to pace myself and change up the motions I am using.
  Ok enough jabbering on; I took a couple photos.

The first photo is looking at the loom from the back-so next up is tying on the warp to that piece of cloth that has a stick on it in the front and then pulling the warp tight and winding on.

The second photo is looking at the loom to the side with the front to the left-where all the warp is now-all that warp needs to go on the back-and then tied on the front-and then finally the fun begins-weaving! (and just click on the photos to enlarge)

Next up right now is to make me a protein shake, check on the hummingbirds food and see if I am up to the task of the loom. Otherwise I may just try to read my book which is the diary of a confederate girl during the civil war-I have it almost completed now.

I was hoping to do some samples for the commissioned hand dye piece I will be doing-but in my spaciness (is that a word? lol) I just realized yesterday I didn't look at my dyes properly and I don't have most of the colors I need-so I got another order into Dharma Trading yesterday-bummer as we have the perfect weather right now too-mid 80s and a bit lower humidity, although high humidity I think is a good thing too for this project-just not for me 

So how has your week been going??


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