Friday, July 26, 2013

Sharing a Blog Link about Natural Dyeing, Quilting, & Farm Life & My Ozark Doings & Update on Cookies

I was again browsing the net this morning for more information on shibori techniques-and ran into this blog

   If you enjoy learning about natural dye techniques, hand quilting, farm girl stuff you may really enjoy this blog too. I found it threw her shibori posts, and then ended up reading different posts for over an hour. She has gorgeous photos too, that go along with her blog. I especially appreciated her detailed photos on her mushroom dyeing-something I have been wanting to try.

  It was gorgeous here this morning, cool, cloudy, and perfect for me to work in the garden a bit. I pulled a bunch of weeds, and also came away with a handful of yellow wax beans-those are just coming on, a Japanese cucumber, and a few other veggies-so perfect to make a meal with for supper. Then it started raining-yeh-finally we really  needed a good gardeners soaker rain and that's what we are getting-all day so far.

  Enough studying dye techniques-I decided to make up a batch of gluten free chocolate chip cookies. These taste ok-but just ok, I was dissappointed in them. I changed up the oil to coconut oil which I am doing now for healthier baking, and for the sugar I used splenda for Larry and I also used coconut sugar-first time for that. I had cut down the amount of sweetening-and this needed the full amount. I like it that the coconut sugar is not overly sweet. My cookies also look like gluten free cookies, they did not spread out like I wanted them too-but these melt in your mouth like a shortbread cookie-so definately will get eaten-lol In fact I have been eating them instead of making me some lunch-good eats lol

  My two other dye books appeared in the mail today. I am so glad I ended up buying the sky dyes too cause this is the written version of the dvd I bought from the same author-my other book is for lots of different dye techniques on cloth.

    So a nice relaxing day today-and only one more antibiotic pill left to take-yeh so glad about that-I can't tell you.

Any plans for your weekend??

This is a photo of my first batch-like little shortbread cookies with slivered almonds and dark chocolate chips-this is what is left to eat after I put the rest in a tin in the freezer.

This is my second batch that I just took out of the oven-excellent-still soft but nice that they spread out more-and quinoa flakes baked up fine in the cookies too-got a winner-lol

Cookie Update:  Well, It's 2 in the afternoon and still raining a bit-and its in the 60s-how wonderful is that for a usually hot July day here in Missouri? lol  I finished up the first batch of cookies, and decided to make another batch-I will take notes this time too. For the oil I used half coconut oil (melted) and 1/2 grapeseed oil, and for the sugars instead of using splenda-which I think changes things sometimes- I used 1/2 coconut sugar and 1/2 cane sugar-stevia blend so my cookies will still be lower in sugar than normal cookies for Larry.  I also put in a little less almond meal-which is ground almonds and may have made the batter on the dry side too.
    I added in the dark chocolate chips and I also added in some quinoa flakes I have been wanting to use. Those are packed with nutrition and have been wanting to try them in cookies-they are really expensive too, but a little will go along way for several batches of cookies.
      I just looked in the oven-and they look perfect-so happy dancing-Need to write notes on what I did this time for sure-before I forget-again lol
    For the last 15 years or more now, when I bake-I bake healthier. I use healthier oils, healthier sugars, and I only bake with whole grains now too-have celiac has forced me to look at healthier protein rich flours too-so one can have their sweets with a little nutrition thrown in too. the timer is going off-gotta go


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