Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Preserving Pesto

  My herbs are doing so well this year-do to the cooler temps and abundance of rain, that I have started to dry some. I have some gorgeous basil growing, a couple different varieties, and lots of it. So I am thinking pesto.

  We love pesto, and it's something nice with my gluten free brown rice pasta too. So I looked into canning it-and is not advised for the home canner. 

  A couple forums I read about this suggested to freeze it. I looked for recipes and there are quite a few. I like this idea. You make it the way you like but some recipes suggest not to add the cheese. Defrost when ready to use and then add the grated cheese.

 From Simple Recipes found fresh pesto recipe here

I found a really nice photo tutorial from the Yummy Live here  (oops should read yummy life) this one has the cheese in it when frozen, I think I will do mine without the cheese. Some cheeses freeze well and some don't.

From the site Towards Sustainability I found another recipe version-this one uses more garlic and less oil and also leaves the cheese in the frozen version. recipe here  This post also shared an  interesting tip-when freezing basil for later use toss it with olive oil to prevent it from turning black-I like this tip-as mine has turned black in the freezer from oxidation.

How do you preserve your pesto when you have an abundance of basil?? and how do like to serve it??


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