Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pie Chili & Loom Progress

  Still cool here-just awesome for late July in the Ozarks.
Our friend that is moving down came in late yesterday, unloaded this morning-and went back to Indiana around noon today. He'll be here to stay with the rest of his belongings, wife, and and pet- a short hair: Charlie- tomorrow evening-that's allot of driving-7 hours each way.
    Our friend doesn't eat much in sweets but he does love a good apple pie-so I made a deep dish apple pie yesterday for him, Larry and Mr. L to share over the weekend. I also made my favorite corn bread and chili in the crock pot. Easy food that doesn't need a specific time to serve.
  Note: you can find my cornbread recipe in my label list under recipes bread. The one I like the best now is called Not a Northern Cornbread by King Arthur Flour. It bakes up in a hot cast iron pan and is all cornmeal no white flour. I now use half organic cornmeal and the other half popcorn flour which I found at an Amish store in Indiana. I love the flavor it brings. One could make their own popcorn flour by putting it in a blender-or flour grinder.
   This afternoon I wanted to get my warp wound on-it went smoothly and now am up to tieing on the front-and I'll be ready to weave. Wanted this all secure before everyone gets here tomorrow-as my loom is in the living room-where they will be sleeping til their little building here is turned into a living space. Mr P is so excited.
   A few photos:

 Warp all in the front now
View of the back of the loom 
The warp is all in the back now-just need to tie on to the front


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