Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Photos Harvesting of the Mimosa Leaves to Herbs to the Black Eyed Susan's & Another Try with the Hummingbirds

 This morning our friend Mr P left to go back home. His granddaughter is at the house this week, so he wanted to be sure to have time to visit with her. His stress level was way down from a week and a half ago. We had tried to tell him and his wife this 10 years ago, but at that time making money was more important to them.  Time has a way of leading you to a needed life change-if we only take the time to listen. He seemed to pick up on the scope repair fairly well-just needs to learn to take his time, more patience etc as it is a tedious job. Sounds like he is going to give notice to his job and move down.

  Yesterday I took my first long walk since losing Nikita. I did get close to tears at times, but then I spotted the black eyed susan, wild yarrow, queen anns lace and other pretty wild flowers. Natural dyeing just popped in my head-lol 

  I have dyed wool before with the yarrow and it gives a soft yellow. I have always wanted to collect the black eyed susan but time always got away from me in the past. I got out a couple of my books and learned that the flowers alone give a pretty green if the dye bath is prepared properly, and the stems and leaves give a really pretty yellow gold-this is also a long dye bath procedure to obtain the prettier colors. I did learn I could freeze or dry-so I went out this morning collected what I could and then prepared them for drying. I need to collect some more when I can.

  I also had collected lots of mimosa leaves when I returned from Indiana. Our tree had just begun blooming which is when the leaves give up a colorfast pretty yellow. So today I was able to strip them from the main stem-when they finish drying in big paper bags I can finish stripping from the little stems. When I finished with that, I went out and collected a few more to dry. I love to dye with this and I also sell by the ounce in my Kathyinozark's Fiber Etsy Shop.

  While sitting outdoors preparing the black eyed susan stems and flowers; I also grabbed my camera. Caught a photo of Miss Calico in her new favorite spot in the mornings, and also caught a photo of the hummingbirds too. I also have drying large sage leaves and I just picked oregano too for drying.

Photos first of mimosa, black eyed susan, kitty, and hummingbirds-and then a couple photos I took on my walk in the woods and herbs.  Be sure to click on photos for full size

                             Black eyed susan  photo from my walk in woods
                                                       Harvested and then sorting

             Mimosa leaves partially dried now-and going in  bags to finish up drying

           Miss Calico's favorite spot-its in the shade all morning now, when the sun arrives she finds another shady spot
                                Look for the Hummingbird
           Several Hummingbirds in this photo-can you find them all?

             Below are photos I took from my walk-looked for flowers and grasses, I love unique spider webs too (no spiders in them)
              I believe this to be wild yarrow, there were several white wild flowers blooming 
                                      Locals here just call this little daisy
                                                 Look close for cool spider web
                                     This was a cool blade of grass-just one
                                           lots of poison ivy this year all over
                              this was a pretty flower behind a cool spider  web  
                                wild blackberries a few just beginning to ripen now
                                          little pond in one of the wildlife food plots
                      This is the large back pond-never saw it with these 
                            colors before-looked like a painting
                                  Hummingbird looks like a silhouette

                                                Sage and Oregano drying


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