Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hand Dyes-Shibori Technique

Those of you that love to hand dye as much as I do, have you done shibori yet?

This is one of the hand dye projects that is definately on my to do list. I ran into a neat web site Griffin dye works today. They sell natural dye stuffs like indigo, osage orange, madder etc, and the mordants to go with them. I have never purchased natural dye stuffs before, I use what I can find out in my woods, but I have really been wanting to try madder for my civil war quilts, and also indigo.

I have stayed away from indigo because the traditional method is very involved-lots of steps and lots of time. This is something I would love to run across a class to take. I have been reading though on different sites that there is a new form of indigo from Japan that is called indigo crystals and all the hard work and mostly time has been done already. Just a few steps and in 10 minutes you have dye.

So I took the plunge and ordered a few items including a little of this new indigo. Which makes me think of shibori-a method where you fold the fabric, or tie the fabric, do all sorts of things to the fabric to get designs after dipping into the dye. So I gotta do this-lol I just got a note back that my order will be here on Monday-wow that's fast coming from California, in fact I know it will be here before my Dharma supplies come in for my commissioned project.

Looking up shibori online I found lots of information. Here are a few sites  here   and here  and  here and I found this blog  that really made this all look like too much fun great photos there too.

below photos found on the web


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