Monday, July 8, 2013

Got a Little Bit Sleyed (Threaded) on my Loom This Afternoon

I can't get over how lovely and soft this yarn is, can't wait to weave it up.

I am off for my 6 month dental visit tomorrow morning, my neighbor has to go in for her hair cut, so I asked the dental office if there was a cancellation if I could get in-so this worked out well-yeah! I didn't have a way to drive in a month or so ago.

Tomorrow promises to be a very hot one-almost 100 degrees actual temperature

Just heard tonight from our close friend Mr. P yep he is making a life change for his health-and moving down in a month. We have a building that we put up that we store things in the bottom and the upstairs we had planned to get an apartment made. We don't even have our own home completed yet, so this has not been done. I think we will empty out the bottom first-and let Mr P turn it into a little home for himself. We have most of the stuff needed-electrical wire and box, the paneling etc. the lagoon is already dug for the septic, so we will be working on that project together in a month or so.

So busy busy here. I am working to get my loom set up, once that is done, I will start spending some time back on my bathroom walls. Next up is a long wall for the tissue paper technique. I also have a hand dye project coming up too-which will be much fun and also challenging for me-as is something different than I have done before.

No way to get bored here in our woods-lol lol


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