Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good Morning Thursday

 I think the high humidity will finally be out of here by the end of the day today-so promises to be a wonderful Friday and weekend ahead.

I had picked up a few packets of new seeds on Tuesday-I love romano beans as they are flat and can be frenched, I also bought another green bean that is to be very tender. I bought seeds that will be a climber on the fence, similiar looking to the morning glory, but scarlett color, so the hummingbirds will love them. I also decided even though its getting late in the season already, to buy some fresh watermelon seed. I chose the sugar baby, it needs around 70 days to mature, so they should have enough time to grow and ripen by September. September is usually a pretty nice month here in the Ozarks.

So far we have been getting rain when we really need it for the gardens-so a good growing year here-finally. A real treat after going threw 2 years of drought conditions.

Our friend Mr P called us last night-he is so happy and excited for his upcoming move here, that he started packing already. If he hadn't chosen to come here he still really needed a life change to get rid of his extreme stress conditions. He says he misses our "wildlife window" with the deer, fox, birds, and now we have a pesky raccoon too that stops by to visit. lol

I decided I missed my blog list here on my site, so I added some of my favorite blogs I enjoy reading the most back on my blog. What I should have done instead of deleting it was to edit it-lol  I do enjoy bloglovin allot, but my go to blogs I missed seeing my friends at a glance when you updated your blogs. I may have missed a couple-so need to go back threw my bloglovin list one more time.

I am slow getting outdoors this morning, I work at getting out to the garden and feeding hummingbirds by 6:30am at the latest, so I need to get out there soon.

Some stress things with my Mom, brother is taking care of things well-he will be looking for a new home for her tomorrow, as this beautiful place he found her is not doing a good job at all taking care of Mom. Allot of stress and work on his part-and he just got retired from 34 years at his job 3 days before she fell and broke her hip-so he is seeing his summer pass by too quickly. I am glad though that he is retired and can easily keep on top of things for Mom.

Today I am catching up on domestic stuff, and after a couple goofs on my weaving project-will get back to threading sometime today.

Enjoy your new day my friends


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