Monday, July 22, 2013

Good Morning Monday: Garden Photos, My Past Weekend

Good morning my dear friends

   This past week has definately not been a "normal" week. Good news is the garden seems to be growing well despite the lack of rain-which we have missed out on the last two days by just a couple miles-I am finally feeling more like myself but am needing to stick with the antibiotic pills which is still making me feel not up to par-but I am at least not down and in bed-so another 5 days of that, and the events over the weekend with our friends was quite an emotional life experience.

  First up I grabbed the camera and took a few photos as the garden really has grown. Hoping to get lots of green beans, wax beans, summer and winter squashes, and cucumbers to put up. We will see about the roma tomatoes. I am behind on hilling the sweet potatoes, been waiting for a cooler morning My water iris is beautiful-we had one by the pond but lost it, so I put this one up by the house and keep it well watered-it is expanding in size every year now-such a gorgeous red. The other blooms are in my fenced in area up by the house, and my lovely dill 

I have always said that what makes or breaks any kind of relationship wether it be personal, business, or governments is good communication. This definately came into play this weekend.  Our friend Mr P is in such bad shape emotionally, caused by severe stress which brings in depression, which causes health issues to worsen needed an angel to help him up and threw better days ahead. His angel is Larry and I, and the compassion of his wife.  I can see that now after this past weekend.

The four of us go way back, from when we 4 first got married. We did all kinds of things together, had great new years eve's dinner togethers-just the 4 of us-then life changes-they moved further away, had children, they owned their own business etc etc  We never had children, but we worked long hours-me always over time with the phone company, and we had our own business too for 25 years; About Birds. When you are young you just don't think about all those long hours and days. Larry and I always had our goal in mind though-living even more rural (then we were) where we could be self reliant if need be and not in Illinois-too liberal a state for us.

And threw the years the plan was always (the 4 of us) to find a place in the woods or where we could support each other in our older years. That all got changed about 8 years ago-to make a long story short and not too personal; Mrs. P and I sat down and talked-I put it all on the table cause bad words were said back then-and for me it never got made right. Mr. P just figured it would all work out, no need to discuss feelings etc-well I am sorry, it's never all right, at least for me it's not until real serious communication begins. Especially after being told they were seperating, and putting their dog down-and then they all show up and tell us they will be down here to live next Monday. Larry and I look at each other-mmmm ok.

Mrs.P and I talked and talked and then forgave each other-vowed to support each other and will embrace the future. They have lost everything-have nothing-(like material possessions, investments, pension etc) but we're family-so I believe all will be good. They have two daughters and one granddaughter-so we will be able to see more of them as well.

Now what we need is a couple younger healthier men to help us get their new little home put together-it's very small but it will work for now. Larry is almost 70 with health issues, and Mr P is allot younger but too citified right now so over weight-etc etc.and August is usually our hottest month, September is when we start cutting our firewood-etc etc-Lots of changes, but life is good. 

and now I find out today is the full moon-is that some kind of sign? Here is a link about tonight's supermoon or buck moon 

Note: I write this blog to encourage or show others how good communication is so important, allot of heartache can be avoided if one person is brave enough to step up and start-talking


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