Friday, July 19, 2013

Allot of Ozone Air Here in the Woods

  We have not had a good rain in quite some time again, however the heat index is way up there do to the hot temps and the very high humidity.

  I figure if the air is this poor in the woods-what's it like in the cities? I don't wanna know. I have been down quite ill this week-I think more ill from the medicine, but I got  hit with a full blown sinus allergy attack.

  My ears fill with fluid all the time but they always just drain out, this time they are not draining plus I was freezing with cold chills for two days-I wore a thick flannel shirt to bed along with covers and a quilt and I still froze-so decided I better take action.

  Our doctor lets us keep a prescription on hand of antibiotics plus I had done allot of reading last year and ended up purchasing a bottle of wild oil of oregano P73 which is suppose to be the best. I take medicine at night cause I can not even tolerate an asprin any more-well the next morning I was sooooo ill   This must be way too strong for me in capsule form. So since I still froze the next day decided to break out the antibiotic which I so much avoid.  I am still walking around in a major fog and dizziness but I was able to stay upright most of this morning so far-that's an accomplishment lol Progress-I even started some laundry, and I gotta sweep up a bit as our friend Mr P and his wife are coming down for the weekend.

   Anyways as a result I have not been posting, but I have been working on going threw my bloglovin list to read a bit.

  I have things in the works to do-weaving, hand dyed commissioned piece, working on tissue paper walls and rocks on the walls in bathroom-and I just got a notice I am on call for jury duty for 3 months starting next month-oh fun-lol


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