Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pie Chili & Loom Progress

  Still cool here-just awesome for late July in the Ozarks.
Our friend that is moving down came in late yesterday, unloaded this morning-and went back to Indiana around noon today. He'll be here to stay with the rest of his belongings, wife, and and pet- a short hair: Charlie- tomorrow evening-that's allot of driving-7 hours each way.
    Our friend doesn't eat much in sweets but he does love a good apple pie-so I made a deep dish apple pie yesterday for him, Larry and Mr. L to share over the weekend. I also made my favorite corn bread and chili in the crock pot. Easy food that doesn't need a specific time to serve.
  Note: you can find my cornbread recipe in my label list under recipes bread. The one I like the best now is called Not a Northern Cornbread by King Arthur Flour. It bakes up in a hot cast iron pan and is all cornmeal no white flour. I now use half organic cornmeal and the other half popcorn flour which I found at an Amish store in Indiana. I love the flavor it brings. One could make their own popcorn flour by putting it in a blender-or flour grinder.
   This afternoon I wanted to get my warp wound on-it went smoothly and now am up to tieing on the front-and I'll be ready to weave. Wanted this all secure before everyone gets here tomorrow-as my loom is in the living room-where they will be sleeping til their little building here is turned into a living space. Mr P is so excited.
   A few photos:

 Warp all in the front now
View of the back of the loom 
The warp is all in the back now-just need to tie on to the front

Friday, July 26, 2013

Sharing a Blog Link about Natural Dyeing, Quilting, & Farm Life & My Ozark Doings & Update on Cookies

I was again browsing the net this morning for more information on shibori techniques-and ran into this blog

   If you enjoy learning about natural dye techniques, hand quilting, farm girl stuff you may really enjoy this blog too. I found it threw her shibori posts, and then ended up reading different posts for over an hour. She has gorgeous photos too, that go along with her blog. I especially appreciated her detailed photos on her mushroom dyeing-something I have been wanting to try.

  It was gorgeous here this morning, cool, cloudy, and perfect for me to work in the garden a bit. I pulled a bunch of weeds, and also came away with a handful of yellow wax beans-those are just coming on, a Japanese cucumber, and a few other veggies-so perfect to make a meal with for supper. Then it started raining-yeh-finally we really  needed a good gardeners soaker rain and that's what we are getting-all day so far.

  Enough studying dye techniques-I decided to make up a batch of gluten free chocolate chip cookies. These taste ok-but just ok, I was dissappointed in them. I changed up the oil to coconut oil which I am doing now for healthier baking, and for the sugar I used splenda for Larry and I also used coconut sugar-first time for that. I had cut down the amount of sweetening-and this needed the full amount. I like it that the coconut sugar is not overly sweet. My cookies also look like gluten free cookies, they did not spread out like I wanted them too-but these melt in your mouth like a shortbread cookie-so definately will get eaten-lol In fact I have been eating them instead of making me some lunch-good eats lol

  My two other dye books appeared in the mail today. I am so glad I ended up buying the sky dyes too cause this is the written version of the dvd I bought from the same author-my other book is for lots of different dye techniques on cloth.

    So a nice relaxing day today-and only one more antibiotic pill left to take-yeh so glad about that-I can't tell you.

Any plans for your weekend??

This is a photo of my first batch-like little shortbread cookies with slivered almonds and dark chocolate chips-this is what is left to eat after I put the rest in a tin in the freezer.

This is my second batch that I just took out of the oven-excellent-still soft but nice that they spread out more-and quinoa flakes baked up fine in the cookies too-got a winner-lol

Cookie Update:  Well, It's 2 in the afternoon and still raining a bit-and its in the 60s-how wonderful is that for a usually hot July day here in Missouri? lol  I finished up the first batch of cookies, and decided to make another batch-I will take notes this time too. For the oil I used half coconut oil (melted) and 1/2 grapeseed oil, and for the sugars instead of using splenda-which I think changes things sometimes- I used 1/2 coconut sugar and 1/2 cane sugar-stevia blend so my cookies will still be lower in sugar than normal cookies for Larry.  I also put in a little less almond meal-which is ground almonds and may have made the batter on the dry side too.
    I added in the dark chocolate chips and I also added in some quinoa flakes I have been wanting to use. Those are packed with nutrition and have been wanting to try them in cookies-they are really expensive too, but a little will go along way for several batches of cookies.
      I just looked in the oven-and they look perfect-so happy dancing-Need to write notes on what I did this time for sure-before I forget-again lol
    For the last 15 years or more now, when I bake-I bake healthier. I use healthier oils, healthier sugars, and I only bake with whole grains now too-have celiac has forced me to look at healthier protein rich flours too-so one can have their sweets with a little nutrition thrown in too. the timer is going off-gotta go

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hand Dyes-Shibori Technique

Those of you that love to hand dye as much as I do, have you done shibori yet?

This is one of the hand dye projects that is definately on my to do list. I ran into a neat web site Griffin dye works today. They sell natural dye stuffs like indigo, osage orange, madder etc, and the mordants to go with them. I have never purchased natural dye stuffs before, I use what I can find out in my woods, but I have really been wanting to try madder for my civil war quilts, and also indigo.

I have stayed away from indigo because the traditional method is very involved-lots of steps and lots of time. This is something I would love to run across a class to take. I have been reading though on different sites that there is a new form of indigo from Japan that is called indigo crystals and all the hard work and mostly time has been done already. Just a few steps and in 10 minutes you have dye.

So I took the plunge and ordered a few items including a little of this new indigo. Which makes me think of shibori-a method where you fold the fabric, or tie the fabric, do all sorts of things to the fabric to get designs after dipping into the dye. So I gotta do this-lol I just got a note back that my order will be here on Monday-wow that's fast coming from California, in fact I know it will be here before my Dharma supplies come in for my commissioned project.

Looking up shibori online I found lots of information. Here are a few sites  here   and here  and  here and I found this blog  that really made this all look like too much fun great photos there too.

below photos found on the web

Something Accomplished This Week-The Threading is Finished

 This has been a long couple weeks for me; with the major life changes coming up with our long time friends moving down (and being with us for a month or two starting this Monday)  and from taking these antibiotics. Tomorrow is finally my last full day of those-yippie.
   For someone that can not tolerate an asprin without getting major spacey you can imagine what these antibiotics are doing to me-lol
   I have been working on threading all week, but it's gone slow til yesterday and today. This was a really easy pattern to do so any other time I would have gotton it threaded in a week.
  The other thing I had to kinda laugh about, when I bought this loom in 1978 out in Denver, Co where I was living at the time; I didn't have enough money to buy a weaving bench, so I turned an old milk can into my "stool" I painted it up and then wove up material for a pillow. So I guess it's a good thing I have not gained too much weight threw all these years-lol This does get to my lower back now do to age and stuff I have done threw the years; so with anything else I do now-I have to pace myself and change up the motions I am using.
  Ok enough jabbering on; I took a couple photos.

The first photo is looking at the loom from the back-so next up is tying on the warp to that piece of cloth that has a stick on it in the front and then pulling the warp tight and winding on.

The second photo is looking at the loom to the side with the front to the left-where all the warp is now-all that warp needs to go on the back-and then tied on the front-and then finally the fun begins-weaving! (and just click on the photos to enlarge)

Next up right now is to make me a protein shake, check on the hummingbirds food and see if I am up to the task of the loom. Otherwise I may just try to read my book which is the diary of a confederate girl during the civil war-I have it almost completed now.

I was hoping to do some samples for the commissioned hand dye piece I will be doing-but in my spaciness (is that a word? lol) I just realized yesterday I didn't look at my dyes properly and I don't have most of the colors I need-so I got another order into Dharma Trading yesterday-bummer as we have the perfect weather right now too-mid 80s and a bit lower humidity, although high humidity I think is a good thing too for this project-just not for me 

So how has your week been going??

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What's New in my Kathyinozarks Fibers Etsy Shop

Things have been been kinda craziness here, so I just remembered I needed to list my dried mimosa leaves, that I collected this spring. I don't have all the little leaves off the stems yet but they are all dried now. Just need to be cleaned, weighed and bagged.

They make the most beautiful soft yellow on mordanted cotton cloth, I have not tried this natural dye on silk or wool yet. If you remember my crazy quilt block I did-the yellow pillow was dyed with this mimosa. Link to my shop is in the left hand column here for more information and in my label list look for crazy quilt and you will see it there too.

Yellow Natural Dye --Dried Mimosa Leaves

Yellow Natural Dye --Dried Mimosa Leaves

Yellow Natural Dye --Dried Mimosa Leaves

Monday, July 22, 2013

Good Morning Monday: Garden Photos, My Past Weekend

Good morning my dear friends

   This past week has definately not been a "normal" week. Good news is the garden seems to be growing well despite the lack of rain-which we have missed out on the last two days by just a couple miles-I am finally feeling more like myself but am needing to stick with the antibiotic pills which is still making me feel not up to par-but I am at least not down and in bed-so another 5 days of that, and the events over the weekend with our friends was quite an emotional life experience.

  First up I grabbed the camera and took a few photos as the garden really has grown. Hoping to get lots of green beans, wax beans, summer and winter squashes, and cucumbers to put up. We will see about the roma tomatoes. I am behind on hilling the sweet potatoes, been waiting for a cooler morning My water iris is beautiful-we had one by the pond but lost it, so I put this one up by the house and keep it well watered-it is expanding in size every year now-such a gorgeous red. The other blooms are in my fenced in area up by the house, and my lovely dill 

I have always said that what makes or breaks any kind of relationship wether it be personal, business, or governments is good communication. This definately came into play this weekend.  Our friend Mr P is in such bad shape emotionally, caused by severe stress which brings in depression, which causes health issues to worsen needed an angel to help him up and threw better days ahead. His angel is Larry and I, and the compassion of his wife.  I can see that now after this past weekend.

The four of us go way back, from when we 4 first got married. We did all kinds of things together, had great new years eve's dinner togethers-just the 4 of us-then life changes-they moved further away, had children, they owned their own business etc etc  We never had children, but we worked long hours-me always over time with the phone company, and we had our own business too for 25 years; About Birds. When you are young you just don't think about all those long hours and days. Larry and I always had our goal in mind though-living even more rural (then we were) where we could be self reliant if need be and not in Illinois-too liberal a state for us.

And threw the years the plan was always (the 4 of us) to find a place in the woods or where we could support each other in our older years. That all got changed about 8 years ago-to make a long story short and not too personal; Mrs. P and I sat down and talked-I put it all on the table cause bad words were said back then-and for me it never got made right. Mr. P just figured it would all work out, no need to discuss feelings etc-well I am sorry, it's never all right, at least for me it's not until real serious communication begins. Especially after being told they were seperating, and putting their dog down-and then they all show up and tell us they will be down here to live next Monday. Larry and I look at each other-mmmm ok.

Mrs.P and I talked and talked and then forgave each other-vowed to support each other and will embrace the future. They have lost everything-have nothing-(like material possessions, investments, pension etc) but we're family-so I believe all will be good. They have two daughters and one granddaughter-so we will be able to see more of them as well.

Now what we need is a couple younger healthier men to help us get their new little home put together-it's very small but it will work for now. Larry is almost 70 with health issues, and Mr P is allot younger but too citified right now so over weight-etc etc.and August is usually our hottest month, September is when we start cutting our firewood-etc etc-Lots of changes, but life is good. 

and now I find out today is the full moon-is that some kind of sign? Here is a link about tonight's supermoon or buck moon 

Note: I write this blog to encourage or show others how good communication is so important, allot of heartache can be avoided if one person is brave enough to step up and start-talking

Friday, July 19, 2013

Allot of Ozone Air Here in the Woods

  We have not had a good rain in quite some time again, however the heat index is way up there do to the hot temps and the very high humidity.

  I figure if the air is this poor in the woods-what's it like in the cities? I don't wanna know. I have been down quite ill this week-I think more ill from the medicine, but I got  hit with a full blown sinus allergy attack.

  My ears fill with fluid all the time but they always just drain out, this time they are not draining plus I was freezing with cold chills for two days-I wore a thick flannel shirt to bed along with covers and a quilt and I still froze-so decided I better take action.

  Our doctor lets us keep a prescription on hand of antibiotics plus I had done allot of reading last year and ended up purchasing a bottle of wild oil of oregano P73 which is suppose to be the best. I take medicine at night cause I can not even tolerate an asprin any more-well the next morning I was sooooo ill   This must be way too strong for me in capsule form. So since I still froze the next day decided to break out the antibiotic which I so much avoid.  I am still walking around in a major fog and dizziness but I was able to stay upright most of this morning so far-that's an accomplishment lol Progress-I even started some laundry, and I gotta sweep up a bit as our friend Mr P and his wife are coming down for the weekend.

   Anyways as a result I have not been posting, but I have been working on going threw my bloglovin list to read a bit.

  I have things in the works to do-weaving, hand dyed commissioned piece, working on tissue paper walls and rocks on the walls in bathroom-and I just got a notice I am on call for jury duty for 3 months starting next month-oh fun-lol

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Quilters: I am Selling lots of Quilt Books

Good morning, I am in the process of listing lots of Mom's quilt books on Ebay. I will also be working on listing several of my quilt books too that I no longer have an interest in.

Here is the link   I did not set this up for international shipping since the rates have gone up so much from the states to other countries. If you find something you are interested in though-let me know and I will check on the shipping for you. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Wow Where did my Monday Go Already lol

  Today just flew on by me today-lol
I had woken up early like 3 am when my hubby gets up to work in his scope repair business. Then I remembered our commercial coffee pot started making clicking noises last night, so I had unplugged it.

  This makes excellent coffee but it does not use up all the water sometimes and over time that creates a problem-has to be totally taken apart and dried-and then I just clean it too. (this is a stainless box so you can not view the water-and they tell you-do not overfill)

  So I got out our old percolators and made him coffee that way and went back to bed around 4 am-surprise for me I slept in til almost 8 am which is not like me at all. So hummingbirds needed to be fed-we have already gone threw 25 pounds of sugar and I just opened up the second 25# bag now. I think with the cooler temps this year-we had more baby hatches. The bees are out and about too-so dodging those guys now-lol

  Next up was to water the garden well as didn't look like we were going to get the promised rain today-and it's hot and humid out there now too-and will be getting hotter threw out the week.

   With Larry emptying the little barn building that will get turned into a home for our friend-I discovered my garden cart that had gotton buried when we stacked up all the black walnut lumber for our floor-so I loved that and wheeled it right on down to the garden. 

     My garden is looking so good-I love it! I now have blossoms on the wax beans, the Japanese long beans are still growing as are the long cucumbers. I did spot 3 Italian zucchini's-and my new seeds are popping up now too-except for the watermelons. The purple zinnias I had bought seed for; are getting ready to flower too-I bought these to try out the ice dye natural dye process I read about in that Australian book I had reviewed in a past blog post.  Looks like I may just get a decent crop of roma tomatoes this year too-which will go into home canned salsa, and if any left from that would love to can some tomatoes too.

    Remember a few months ago I mentioned I had an upcoming commissioned hand dye piece to make? Well, it's getting closer now-as I have the needed measurements and placement of the elements. I had studied about techniques back then to accomplish this, and also have already purchased some new dyes that can also be used as fabric paints, and I love working with sun paints from France-so next up is to recheck the fabric I have and get myself set up. Oh and this is a long piece so I asked hubby if he had any lumber I could use for this-and he said yes-there are two old closet doors in the barn building-checking it out- those will be perfect! Can place one on a folding table with plastic on top when working with the sun paints, and I can place it on our big picnic table when working with the other dyes.
    I also met a new online friend from my weaving list, who is an accomplished fiber artist-so I asked her what she thought of my ideas on dying this project. She suggested a fiber artist who has written a couple books and a dvd that would give me more ideas-so I shopped on amazon and ebay and came away with both books and the dvd for great bargains-yeah!
  This hand dye project is pretty different than anything I have attempted as of yet-but I am anxious for the challenge and the fun! More details later as I get going on this.

  So with shopping on the computer, visiting with Mr L who had dropped by-my day is almost gone already-sigh. Perhaps after supper tonight I will see if I am up to more threading of my weaving project. It's all in the reed now so am now threading the pattern in the heddles.

  How was your Monday??

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wild Blackberry Picking and a Gluten Free Blackberry Cake

  We have been enjoying the cooler mornings here (in the 60's) along with the cooler days too-such a treat compared to last year.

  So to take advantage of it I am either working in the garden for a bit, Larry's emptying our garden building for Mr P, and this morning I decided; perfect to check out the blackberries around the property.

   The patch off one of the paths in the woods was stripped clean of ripe berries-the deer love this one. We have a couple small patches in a nearby field amongst the wild sumac-but was not able to get too many ripe ones there-just about 2 cups. So I went to my favorite patch behind one of the ponds to see what was there. We needed to mow it down last fall to give the patch a fresh start. There I was able to pick enough to make about 6 cups total. Usually it is so hot here that if one does not pick by the 4th of July then we miss out on the berries. This year is totally different with the rains and cooler temperatures. The berries are ripening up slowly this year, so I need to get to them before the wildlife eats them up lol

I don't need any berries for the freezer this year, but I did want to bake up a cake and some for eating fresh.

  I keep a Betty Crocker Gluten Free cake mix on hand-mostly to use as a base and turn into other things like quick breads, or chocolate cupcakes etc.
    The add ins are not to my liking so I change those up always for us.

     Kathy's Blackberry Pan Cake

1 box of Betty Crocker gluten free yellow Cake Mix

replace the stick of butter with 1/2 cup coconut oil-softened

replace the water with oat milk-can use any milk for this or water

replace 3 eggs with: 1 egg, and 1/4 cup applesauce, and mix together 1 teaspoon baking power into 1 tablespoon warm water, and 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar stir to disolve.

2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract.

add in around a cup or more of fresh blackberries along with 1/4 cup of blanched almonds. add in cinnamon or what ever spices you like

Place all ingredients (except the berries and nuts) into a bowl, and using a hand mixer on low speed mix til just blended, and then turn up speed and mix around 2 minutes or so til well mixed. With a spatula fold in the blackberries and the slivered almonds.

I took a pan that I had and lined with parchment paper and spread out the batter. On top I sprinkled on more slivered almonds and sprinkled on some cinnamon sugar too.

Bake at 350 degrees  check at 25 minutes and may need 5 or 8 extra minutes-do not overbake.


This would be wonderful with fresh picked blueberries too.

I happened to catch Miss Calico napping in this plastic shelving-lol-it's now up for sale at the resale shop.

Happy Weekend to all of you.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good Morning Thursday

 I think the high humidity will finally be out of here by the end of the day today-so promises to be a wonderful Friday and weekend ahead.

I had picked up a few packets of new seeds on Tuesday-I love romano beans as they are flat and can be frenched, I also bought another green bean that is to be very tender. I bought seeds that will be a climber on the fence, similiar looking to the morning glory, but scarlett color, so the hummingbirds will love them. I also decided even though its getting late in the season already, to buy some fresh watermelon seed. I chose the sugar baby, it needs around 70 days to mature, so they should have enough time to grow and ripen by September. September is usually a pretty nice month here in the Ozarks.

So far we have been getting rain when we really need it for the gardens-so a good growing year here-finally. A real treat after going threw 2 years of drought conditions.

Our friend Mr P called us last night-he is so happy and excited for his upcoming move here, that he started packing already. If he hadn't chosen to come here he still really needed a life change to get rid of his extreme stress conditions. He says he misses our "wildlife window" with the deer, fox, birds, and now we have a pesky raccoon too that stops by to visit. lol

I decided I missed my blog list here on my site, so I added some of my favorite blogs I enjoy reading the most back on my blog. What I should have done instead of deleting it was to edit it-lol  I do enjoy bloglovin allot, but my go to blogs I missed seeing my friends at a glance when you updated your blogs. I may have missed a couple-so need to go back threw my bloglovin list one more time.

I am slow getting outdoors this morning, I work at getting out to the garden and feeding hummingbirds by 6:30am at the latest, so I need to get out there soon.

Some stress things with my Mom, brother is taking care of things well-he will be looking for a new home for her tomorrow, as this beautiful place he found her is not doing a good job at all taking care of Mom. Allot of stress and work on his part-and he just got retired from 34 years at his job 3 days before she fell and broke her hip-so he is seeing his summer pass by too quickly. I am glad though that he is retired and can easily keep on top of things for Mom.

Today I am catching up on domestic stuff, and after a couple goofs on my weaving project-will get back to threading sometime today.

Enjoy your new day my friends

Monday, July 8, 2013

Got a Little Bit Sleyed (Threaded) on my Loom This Afternoon

I can't get over how lovely and soft this yarn is, can't wait to weave it up.

I am off for my 6 month dental visit tomorrow morning, my neighbor has to go in for her hair cut, so I asked the dental office if there was a cancellation if I could get in-so this worked out well-yeah! I didn't have a way to drive in a month or so ago.

Tomorrow promises to be a very hot one-almost 100 degrees actual temperature

Just heard tonight from our close friend Mr. P yep he is making a life change for his health-and moving down in a month. We have a building that we put up that we store things in the bottom and the upstairs we had planned to get an apartment made. We don't even have our own home completed yet, so this has not been done. I think we will empty out the bottom first-and let Mr P turn it into a little home for himself. We have most of the stuff needed-electrical wire and box, the paneling etc. the lagoon is already dug for the septic, so we will be working on that project together in a month or so.

So busy busy here. I am working to get my loom set up, once that is done, I will start spending some time back on my bathroom walls. Next up is a long wall for the tissue paper technique. I also have a hand dye project coming up too-which will be much fun and also challenging for me-as is something different than I have done before.

No way to get bored here in our woods-lol lol

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Working on Getting my Weaving Brain Working Again-lol lol

  Before I left for my Indiana trip I had measured off my organic cotton warp for my upcoming weaving project and put it on the loom to have it ready to get warped up when I got back. Of course things have been kinda crazy here since then, but are beginning to get back to more normal now. 
  With the mid 90s here again for at least a week now, I get outdoors by 6am to work on the garden and feed the hummingbirds so I can be done by 11am at the latest-as otherwise just too hot in the sun for me. I figured now that things are calming down I could spend this afternoon to work on my weaving.
   Back in the late 70s when I lived in Colordo and learned the basics of weaving; my instructor taught me to warp my J Made loom from back to front-less stress on the warp threads that way. Most have learned front to back, and most books talk about that method first.
   You  may remember how I messed up with this when I set up my towels-so don't want to go threw that again. I decided for some reason; to get my weaving books out with photos and warp this front to back-but I am one of those people it takes time for the "how to" to kick in so I can get this accomplished and on to the fun part-weaving!
  It's not just that I am getting older-mid 60's-it's just the way my brain works -slow-lol so I am kinda frustrated at the moment so needed a break from it. Thinking too much lol

  It always takes me a bit to visualize the process. Hopefully once I get back into weaving more, this will again become second nature to me-like threading a sewing machine-but in the mean time-a painful process for me at times.

Update:  well two hours later I figured out the problem-I wanted to warp front to back this time-but I was following the instructions to warp the loom from back to front-no wonder my mind was confused lol   I think now that I have this set up to do-I will walk away from this til tonight or tomorrow.  I really love threading from the back-but I do not tie a cross on both ends-and this yarn just twisted itself enough-just was not working to thread from the back this time-the threads were not staying in order which I have never run into before.-So all is good, will see how it works doing it from the front this time. Here are photos on the correct set up now-yeah

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wow! Nice Surprise From Hubby-Found at Garage Sale

  My husband is one of those people that finds amazing things for me at garage sales. From vintage rug looms, spinning wheels, crocks, you name it, Larry finds it for me. 

    Probably 15 years or so ago when I had a large garden in Illinois I had said I would really love one of those glass balls for the garden. I had totally forgotton about this since living here in Missouri upon retirement.
   He drives back home from going to the post office this morning as I was just finishing up working in the garden all morning.  He says:  "go check out the box on the front seat". Figuring it was help bringing in some packages from the post office-but no-- this gorgeous hand blown glass ball. Imagine my surprise!!

   He then says "it may have taken me awhile but I did eventually find your wish at a garage sale in town this morning".  (of course I am smiling away)

    I don't know if people still buy these to put in the garden-but I love this, what a perfect finishing touch for a long morning in the garden.

  I grabbed the spray bottle of vinegar I keep by the kitchen sink to finish rubbing off the price tag-and went ahead and shined up the glass-now how pretty is this blue glass ball?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Preserving Pesto

  My herbs are doing so well this year-do to the cooler temps and abundance of rain, that I have started to dry some. I have some gorgeous basil growing, a couple different varieties, and lots of it. So I am thinking pesto.

  We love pesto, and it's something nice with my gluten free brown rice pasta too. So I looked into canning it-and is not advised for the home canner. 

  A couple forums I read about this suggested to freeze it. I looked for recipes and there are quite a few. I like this idea. You make it the way you like but some recipes suggest not to add the cheese. Defrost when ready to use and then add the grated cheese.

 From Simple Recipes found fresh pesto recipe here

I found a really nice photo tutorial from the Yummy Live here  (oops should read yummy life) this one has the cheese in it when frozen, I think I will do mine without the cheese. Some cheeses freeze well and some don't.

From the site Towards Sustainability I found another recipe version-this one uses more garlic and less oil and also leaves the cheese in the frozen version. recipe here  This post also shared an  interesting tip-when freezing basil for later use toss it with olive oil to prevent it from turning black-I like this tip-as mine has turned black in the freezer from oxidation.

How do you preserve your pesto when you have an abundance of basil?? and how do like to serve it??


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