Sunday, June 30, 2013

Really Loving our Cool Down in Weather Today

  Just an awesome day today; no sun, no wind, and in the 70s: so just perfect for working in my mini garden. 

  I get up early most days, so when I woke up at 5 am I just started in on going threw my clothes-to reorganize a bit, and remind me what I had-lol I do have one chest of drawers, and I also have an old steamer trunk with drawers-like the ones in my craft room-that I use for clothes too. I also have a huge crock for my jeans, and another crock filled with Harley event shirts-most were given to us by a friend that used to make and sell at all those events, and would bring us the shirts. Most are large that no longer fit Larry, and most too big for me-but I do wear some on occasion-not something we want to get rid of right now though. A year or so ago, I did go threw and gave away all the duplicates and things I just would not wear-so things are much better organized in drawers now-and just have one box filled with coats.

   I decided perfect day to weed in my garden and to really check and see what seeds did not come up. I had allot of seeds that did not come up-those were probably the 8 to 10 year old ones-lol  But I did have one butternut squash seed that is now a big plant, and we love those sweet dumpling squash and I have a couple of those plants that came up. Most of my pole beans were too old I guess, the limas didn't come up nor did the rattlesnake and some other heirloom beans. 

   I do have calendula and nasturiums up, as are the purple zinnias which I planted to use the flowers for dye. I also have Italian zucchini which I really love-more flavor and more tender and I have some yellow squash that came up too. I have Japanese long beans, those long cucumbers, yellow wax beans, and the sweet potatoes are doing great too. My tomatoes are not producing any more fruit than when I left for Indiana. The blossoms are just falling off like they did last year-don't know if it is because not enough bees, or too hot too soon or what is wrong there. so all in and all I am pleased so far. Oh, and I  am starting to see some German chamomile come up, and oriental chrysanthimum is coming up too

  Last Thursday my friend Rita and her husband were coming to a town near me and asked us to meet for lunch-instead I invited them over here for lunch. Was a nice time. I made a huge tossed salad, and for sides I had boiled eggs, ham, organic green olives, artichokes in water, mozarella cheese that was in olive oil and herbs, served gluten free crackers to go with the meat and cheese. She brought lots of fresh fruit-watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, and cantelope-so we definately had plenty to eat-lol and for a surprise gift she brought me a big box of herbs, and another plant cutting from her garden-how special is that??

  I have never seen a patchouli herb plant before and Rita brought me two large ones, also lavender, common sage, purple sage, and another plant that the hummingbirds will enjoy. Here a few photos of the garden.

 two tall ones are the patchouli, to the left is purple sage and common sage
 herbs; the tall one is the patchouli,to the left front sage, to the left back lavender, and in back are Grandpa otts morning glories-I love those
 forgot the name of this-for the hummingbirds
 the plant from Rita's garden
 german chamomile coming up-the one in the middle others are weeds
 sweet potatoes-need to "hill" these this week
 yellow squash, and the long beans to the left
Italian zucchini, long beans to the left, calendula coming up

After weeding everything but the sweet potatoes, I laid down more straw, and where seeds didn't come up. If I decided to plant more seeds can just move the straw out of the way.


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