Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nope My Veggie Plants are Not Drinking Whiskey or Life Water-LOL

Early this spring I had gotton a catalog from Gardens Alive-great place-and they had a $25.00 off offer on anything you wanted to buy from them. So I was looking at drip irrigation systems they had and decided it was just too expensive for me to set up, and my big pots are pretty spread out. But I did use my free $25.00 on worms for the garden and their gardens alive veggie fertilizer. They seem to do this every spring-so nice of them.

  I decided there had to be an inexpensive diy project for my watering system and found online-lots with bottles. Some used the bottles with the top in the ground and the bottom cut off, some just used wine bottles filled with water and stuck in the ground. Then I found one that used pop bottles-punch a couple holes in the bottom fill with water put the cap on-and bury the bottle about half way-mostly to keep from blowing away.

   I liked this idea-easy enough to save up bottles and cheap, and the water stayed clean with the cap on. and once set up, just unscrew the cap and fill up with water. So I have been working on setting this up before I leave for Indiana Monday.

    First I had too many holes or too big a holes so the water drained right out-not good. I had been saving lots of whiskey bottles from one of our neighbors, and saving life water bottles too-cause for my big tubs the whiskey bottles are too big.  So, hubby set me up with a drill and a tiny bit-and I put just two holes in-and seems to be working better. A good test as we are in extreme heat this week.

  Since moving to this area after retirement and being a northern midwest farm girl-this has been a whole new learning experience for gardening techniques. I have discovered with the extreme heat here and little to no rain most of the summer-the tomatoes always crack or have that blossom end rot. Even watering early morning and late evening-the plants in tubs always dry out too much and I think that is causing this problem. So am hoping this little system works out, to keep the soil moist.
  I have three roma tomato plants that I am hoping produce enough so I am able to can up salsa and whole tomatoes. Decided to give them each a whiskey bottle filled with water, may put another bottle behind each one.

  Early yesterday morning these beans were just poking out of the ground-wow they have grown allot with this heat already.

  Early this morning-if you look close you will see calico kitty waking up-her new sleeping place at night-in the truck. We called her for her breakfast and there she was looking out the window-too cute-I couldn't get those shiny eyes toned down in the photo-but helps to see her-lol She is really getting up there in age now-guessing close to 14 years old now.

  I decided to take out some flank steak and add lots of spices from Penzeys-their fajita spice and adobo spice-grill and make fajitas tonight-never done it this way-but sounds good. One of our Wisconsin friends made this for us and it was excellent. I looked online and found this recipe-just the way she did it

I had to stay out of the garden today as all of my hand spading and mixing up compost etc in the wheel barrel finally caught up with me-but I did get all the laundry caught up-so that's done before my trip. and I mailed off the Father's Day gift to our winner too.  



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