Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My New Little Garden Space-a few photos

The sun was shining bright this morning. This is most of my garden in view (click all photos to enlarge-can view more details) 

Got 2 bales of straw yesterday, put around veggies that are up so far

My sweet potato patch, and 3 roma tomatoes and cilantra

I needed to thin out my yellow onions that I had planted early spring in the raised beds-hope they will transplant fine. they got hit pretty hard a couple weeks ago from hail

I found a nice wisteria baby plant still in the old garden, so dug a really deep hole filled with compost and planted behind the tree stump just outside back of garden

  Earlier I had nailed this piece of stiff fencing on top of that tree stump and it hangs over the main fence-perfect for the wisteria when it grows up

Of course we need a little garden "art" lol  a friend we had met when we first moved here knew I sewed, he was a scrapper so he brought me over 3 sewing machine heads that were rusty and froze up. Parts to an old plow I found from cleaning one of the junk piles when we first moved here.

This view was taken standing in front of the garden "art". To the left I planted lots of different pole beans along the fence, wax beans, and more. To the right was a gift from a close friend. It is a dragonfly in the middle of the circle and its a sprinkler-cool-now I have a spot I can use it

   Around the outside of the fence I am working on clearing off those weeds, will adjust the soil as I can-its hard hard clay, and scatter lots of flower seeds I brought down with us-10 years ago now, some herbs, flowers, etc-will be prettier than all those weeds-and keep those weed seeds out of the garden.
       Last photo in the back is one of our ponds, also a pond to the right of the garden-past the wood pile.

    I just have a small area to work up yet-in the front up by the gate. Most of my seeds were pretty old but since they are all heirloom hoping some will sprout for me.  It makes me feel good to have a garden spot again.


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