Saturday, June 22, 2013

I'm Back Home

Long week, but a good week. Haven't had the opportunity to really spend time with my brother and his wife for many years now. So in that respect this was a good trip.
   Brought back several pieces of furniture, all Ranch Oak handmade in Texas and is now vintage. I am in my 60s and my parents bought most of this when I was a very small child, then bought more pieces from my uncle's estate when he passed years and years ago. Ranch Oak furniture is solid oak and undestrucible for the most part-so heavy and solid. The main piece I wanted was the desk-and that just fit next to the couch. My brother was not interested in most of the things so kept saying take this take this-lol
   I also just boxed up what was left from her sewing room, took one sewing maching, and the older sewing machine went to my brother's wife. I love vintage kitchen items, so I kept what I remembered using as a child, didn't want any of the blown glass pieces etc. 
  In the end we sorted it all, moved it all, and scrubbed the house, cut the grass, and gave it back to the landlord-next day my brother drove me back home to Missouri. He arranged a rental car to drive back home and left this morning. When he got here he said-that was dumb I should have arranged to stay here for a couple days for more visit time. He'll be tired when he gets back home-a 9 hour drive each way-with only gas stops. He had never really driven threw Missouri-and here in the ozarks on rt 44 the landscape is gorgeous-and he had never seen the Arch in StLouis-so that was neat for him.
  Mom is not doing well at all emotionally and her dimentia is much worse-so she is really lost now-we have arranged a social worker etc, and she is in excellent hands in her new home. We are all hoping she will be better in a month or so when she settles in, and feels better from her hip operation.
  Other events are happening here too-so will blog about that in the future.
and it's soooooo hot and muggy here-welcome to Missouri-lol Northern Indiana had perfect weather.


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