Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Saturday & Surprise Little One out my Window

  Good morning Saturday!
So nice to have a cool down coming threw, I am hoping to catch up with outdoor things next week.

I have been going threw the sewing boxes I brought back from Indiana-there were 4 huge ones plus a couple with books. This morning I finished going threw it all. Quite a few quilt books to sell either on ebay or my fiber etsy shop, and I also just about filled a box full of little packages of sewing items to drop off at the resale shop. 

My drawers and space are pretty much filled to capacity now, so only kept items like buttons, most of the quilt fabric, and other little items. I also brought home lots of quilt rulers which are so expensive to purchase that I only have a couple of my own-so those are a welcome addition to my quilt supplies. I needed to empty two drawers of things in the desk in my craft room that can go into my office desk-so I will actually find things I can use-lol  The two empty drawers in my craft room desk gave me space for Mom's quilt fabric-which is all high quality from quilt stores not places like Jo anns and Walmart. 

She also had lots of threads-so that got me to go threw my thread first and organize, and add hers to it. She even had some of my grandma's wooden spools with thread, and two spools of button hole thread. So I added those to my wooden spools collection-I know; what doesn't Kathy collect lol There must me a gold mine of items in my craft room-enough to keep any sewer or crafty busy for a life time-I am hoping that Mr P's daughter can have fun using it too to make things.

Next up I want to find spaces-out of my craft room-for a few furniture items that I brought back that are in there-and need to come out-so I have walking space again.

When I shared photos I don't think I took a photo of the dressers. To save space I decided to have the guys stack the single unit on top of the double lower unit of drawers. These are ranch oak too but the dark brown color of oak. I was able to get Larry's clothes out of boxes, the two high drawers are now filled with gloves and hats, belts etc-so again his stuff is so much easier to view and find. Next project someday down the line will be to get my clothes out of boxes and large crocks so I can see what I have-lol 

This house has absolutely no closets, no storage spaces anywhere-so makes things more difficult to organize. I am hoping after Mr P gets settled in down here-he can help motivate hubby to get my kitchen cupboards made and put up-10 years with no cabinets is starting to bother me.

Last night when I was going threw things-I glanced out the bay window-and this is what I saw-too sweet.

This is a first; a doe bringing her very little one up close to the house. They didn't stay too long, they found a little corn and sunflower seeds to eat. When we had our dinner a few hours later-they had come back-again just for a few minutes.

We are still hoping the turkeys and their poults will return too-we have heard the hens in the distance but so far have not seen them.

Enjoy your day


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