Thursday, June 27, 2013

Good Morning Thursday

Wow still a crazy week here, things not really back to "normal" after my Indiana trip

Extreme heat here too, today we are to hit 99 degrees with high heat indexes-a little early for all this heat already-been like this-getting hotter every day since I got back. A cool down though is on the way.

Yesterday I went to the "big city" of Springfield, Mo with my friend; she had her grandkids with her for about a week and was driving there to drop them off-so asked if I wanted to go along. A shopping trip at Sams club-the vitamin waters are allot cheaper there, and we also check out a couple craft stores. Some of the beads were back at half off so of course we needed to check those out-lol I came away with spending $20.00 so got some nice strings of beads for the money-I am mostly collecting beads for my next crazy quilt project-and under water sea scene.

Hubby and Mr P have been like brother for over 40 years now. They are 10 years apart  Larry being the oldest, but the plan has always been to live here in the woods-so we could rely on each other. Mr. P's wife decided after the house plans were drawn up, foundation laid out etc-that nope she refused to move down here-she is a Chicago girl. So anyways long story short version-our friend Mr P is here now to be apprentice under Larry with the scope repair business. and decide if he likes it well enough to quit his job and move down-he is under too much stress with his job and very unhappy that he is not here. Soooo at the end of next week he will be going back-give a month notice with his job-move his wife to Chicago where she will be happy living with her sister, and he plans to move down here.

If this works out will be good for the both of them. He was here the day after I got back from my trip, the house is in dissaray with all the stuff I brought home, and someone living in my living room-lol I still haven't recovered from my trip yet either. so I am just not posting right now til things smooth out. and I can't get in my craft room again-lol too much stuff-will be going threw what I brought back of sewing stuff-and make up a box I don't need to sell at one of resale shops-send the money off to my brother for Moms caregiving fund.

I brought down more furniture-like two bed frames and a small table for Mr P as I don't think he will bringing down much furniture. and the mean time-did I mention the extreme heat lol

Here are a few photos of Mom and my Brother in her new apartment,  garden and ranch oak. The weeds really got out of control-I have the mini garden in good shape now, and up  by the house, I am working on that when I can.

                        My brother Jerry-sitting on bed, behind is one of my Moms quilts
               Mom brought that doll back from Russian on one of her trips
                            japannese eggplant
                        heirloom tomatoe
                         sweet peppers, petunias
                      wow look how big my herbs are-amazing
                        side view of my trellis full of petunias
                           Moon flowers
                            roma tomatoes and sweet potatoes
                          long beans long fence, summer squash, italian zucchini
                       these are under our porch
                ranch oak bed frames-two sets
          my desk and chair
   full view, that lamp was my fathers favorite piece-need to find a new shade
           ranch oak chair with cloth cushions, coffee table
This last one is looking into my craft room-I just put stuff in there for now to get it out of the way-big project in there again, I was too lazy to crop the photos to make nicer, and didn't remove Mr P's things from the coffee table. All ranch oak-desk, chair, waste basket, coffee table, chair, bed frames. In my Mom's room there is also ranch oak-Jerry brought over a chest of drawers and a nice cabinet she used in her sewing room that is now a nice place for her tv. I also brought down a really nice piece that Larry can use in his business-ranch oak long bookcase with legs.

and to view larger-just click on photos

I am off to make up lunch, Rita and her husband are stopping by.


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