Sunday, June 16, 2013

Good Morning Sunday

  Storms are still here this morning. Actually since late Friday we have been having off and on "gardeners" rain-which is a soothing gentle rain. My new little garden needed it. Lots of thunder and lightening around us though, and sounds a little closer just now.

   As you can see, I have changed the look of my pages again. The other one I liked but it was a bit too bright for me. This one may still need a few more changes but I like the softness of this better. Let me know if you can still clearly read my pages well, I may make the text a little larger.

  This will be my last post til I return from going back home to Indiana. My brother needs help going threw allot of small items and getting them boxed up. I talked to Mom last night and she does not sound well at all. When she broke her hip the operation with the anesthesia has worsened her dimentia considerably. After all this work my brother did to set her up in a beautiful assissted living apartment-he fears now this may not work for her. We will give her a month or so to determine what is best. The facility did examine her and thought it could work-time will tell though.

   My brother gave her back her cell phone so she would have a personal phone-but she went threw her address book telling everyone that brother dumped her off some place-lol When she called me she said my father dumped her off too. (my father has been gone over 25 years now) so this is quite sad. 

   Greyhound with the addition of the long layovers-makes a very long trip. I start at 8:15 am and get in at 2 am  (Missouri time 1 am)  so a long trip. But this trip my brother is driving me back, with a couple pieces of furniture and small items. 

   My parents entire house was filled with Ranch Oak furniture-solid oak heavy furniture that was made in Texas. It is now quite a collectors item in many places.  My brother asked me about the desk-I need one, so a little something from my growing up years and I always loved this desk growing up as a child. This furniture is made to last forever and is very very heavy. lol 

  This will be a short trip this time, my  brother wants to come back Friday morning. I will see how it goes, and perhaps convince him to take Friday as a "down" day and we leave on Saturday. If time allows I would love to shop the Amish food store in Shipshewana-one of my last chances to go there.

  I am usually packed by now, but haven't started-will be packing really light-just a small hiking back pack, and a bag of foods-nothing for me to eat at these bus layovers-so I bring a couple nutrition bars, a foil pack of tuna, water, and of course some munchies.

  See ya all when I get back


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