Saturday, June 8, 2013

Catch up and Reminder for our Awesome Giveaway


 I know allot of us are outside in our gardens and enjoying warmer weather activities instead of sitting in the house on the computer as much as we were in the colder months--so I wanted to put in a reminder for our awesome giveaway for Father's Day. Sign up and more information here  Last day to enter is June 12th. I am taking entries in comments here on blogger and also on my blogster blog-will combine all the names from both and draw one entry. This is a really nice gift-a grill bowl filled with hand knitted and hand sewn items from my friend Rita, and handmade soaps by me. So please go enter if you haven't already-I have very few entries so far, thus the reminder.

      On a second note, I am still so thankful to have a computer to use, after that lightening strike weeks back fried my set up. My friend gave me her very old one that she was getting ready to toss, which gave me a computer-instead of having no computer.  The last couple of weeks, however, it has not been working well-couldn't post photos here, couldn't open up some links, working very very slow, etc., kept being more things not working. So I had hubby do the maintenance stuff on it-and works so much better again and can even load photos here now too-so my little computer world is much happier now-yeah! Life's little pleasures. However, for some reason my line for typing here starts in the middle of the sentence instead of at the beginning-weird.

       Update on Mom. She is in her mid 80's, has dimentia but was doing pretty well mostly on her own. My brother had found her a really nice home across the street from him, where she has been now for a couple years. Anyways a few weeks back she fell and broke her hip and has been in rehab. Brother was hoping to find help to come into her home so she could stay there after rehab-but now realizes this just won't work out. We had thought it would be less costly that way, but is not, as she really needs to have some one around her 24/7  Her dimentia has gotton worse now since going threw the hip replacement surgery.
       So yesterday my brother spent the day touring assisted living facilities in the area. Was very pleased to find a very nice one-in a wooded area and he says the staff was very professional and courteous and it was within her budget too. So was pleased to have found a nice studio apartment for her, with structured activities.

      So right after fathers day I will be taking the Greyhound bus to help my brother go threw her house and gather things she needs for her studio apartment and then go threw the rest-get it ready for a house sale. We will be splitting up her remaining quilts that she has made, and decide on other items we may want to keep as well.

Catch up on my hubby's health. It is frustrating that it has taken over a month to get some answers-but then still not know for sure. I had decided to have faxed some information from his check up visit to his cardiac doctor. We were getting little feedback from our primary doctor, which is unusual, but thinking he is over worked and very under staffed. So two weeks of mix ups on their side the cardiac doctor finally gets the information and lets us know nothing stands out as being a concern. However, hubby just does not feel well, has lost allot of strength, and is just getting really "old" on me. and he has no motivation to fix little things around the house that need fixing-and I don't have the knowledge to do.  He is approaching 70 now and has never been healthy since childhood. So, he tells me he is just getting older now and his body is not keeping up with him anymore. Still to me, there is something wrong-that needs to be pursued.

     This is a new life experience for me; watching loved ones grow old. I never think of myself as getting old, never have-perhaps because I have never had children, and there is always things I want to learn and do-especially to create. All of our "things" are getting really old too-lawn mowers, trucks, etc-so that part of life is difficult too right now-especially since everything is getting more difficult for hubby to do. He has always fixed things to keep them going, this is one time when having money would be helpful-I could hire someone to help get life's things done. Not going to happen though. As we go threw the different stages of life-brings challenges, decisions, and well just kinda scary too-but not going to think about any of that right now.

All of this does get me to thinking though-mostly about material things-which are basicly used and then passed on to the next living person-that's why there are antiques around-just things getting passed on to the next. While living we do need things around us, but as we age-we don't any more. Such is the way of it.  I think it's still too early in the morning to contemplate off of this. 
Happy weekend everyone.


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