Sunday, June 30, 2013

Really Loving our Cool Down in Weather Today

  Just an awesome day today; no sun, no wind, and in the 70s: so just perfect for working in my mini garden. 

  I get up early most days, so when I woke up at 5 am I just started in on going threw my clothes-to reorganize a bit, and remind me what I had-lol I do have one chest of drawers, and I also have an old steamer trunk with drawers-like the ones in my craft room-that I use for clothes too. I also have a huge crock for my jeans, and another crock filled with Harley event shirts-most were given to us by a friend that used to make and sell at all those events, and would bring us the shirts. Most are large that no longer fit Larry, and most too big for me-but I do wear some on occasion-not something we want to get rid of right now though. A year or so ago, I did go threw and gave away all the duplicates and things I just would not wear-so things are much better organized in drawers now-and just have one box filled with coats.

   I decided perfect day to weed in my garden and to really check and see what seeds did not come up. I had allot of seeds that did not come up-those were probably the 8 to 10 year old ones-lol  But I did have one butternut squash seed that is now a big plant, and we love those sweet dumpling squash and I have a couple of those plants that came up. Most of my pole beans were too old I guess, the limas didn't come up nor did the rattlesnake and some other heirloom beans. 

   I do have calendula and nasturiums up, as are the purple zinnias which I planted to use the flowers for dye. I also have Italian zucchini which I really love-more flavor and more tender and I have some yellow squash that came up too. I have Japanese long beans, those long cucumbers, yellow wax beans, and the sweet potatoes are doing great too. My tomatoes are not producing any more fruit than when I left for Indiana. The blossoms are just falling off like they did last year-don't know if it is because not enough bees, or too hot too soon or what is wrong there. so all in and all I am pleased so far. Oh, and I  am starting to see some German chamomile come up, and oriental chrysanthimum is coming up too

  Last Thursday my friend Rita and her husband were coming to a town near me and asked us to meet for lunch-instead I invited them over here for lunch. Was a nice time. I made a huge tossed salad, and for sides I had boiled eggs, ham, organic green olives, artichokes in water, mozarella cheese that was in olive oil and herbs, served gluten free crackers to go with the meat and cheese. She brought lots of fresh fruit-watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, and cantelope-so we definately had plenty to eat-lol and for a surprise gift she brought me a big box of herbs, and another plant cutting from her garden-how special is that??

  I have never seen a patchouli herb plant before and Rita brought me two large ones, also lavender, common sage, purple sage, and another plant that the hummingbirds will enjoy. Here a few photos of the garden.

 two tall ones are the patchouli, to the left is purple sage and common sage
 herbs; the tall one is the patchouli,to the left front sage, to the left back lavender, and in back are Grandpa otts morning glories-I love those
 forgot the name of this-for the hummingbirds
 the plant from Rita's garden
 german chamomile coming up-the one in the middle others are weeds
 sweet potatoes-need to "hill" these this week
 yellow squash, and the long beans to the left
Italian zucchini, long beans to the left, calendula coming up

After weeding everything but the sweet potatoes, I laid down more straw, and where seeds didn't come up. If I decided to plant more seeds can just move the straw out of the way.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Saturday & Surprise Little One out my Window

  Good morning Saturday!
So nice to have a cool down coming threw, I am hoping to catch up with outdoor things next week.

I have been going threw the sewing boxes I brought back from Indiana-there were 4 huge ones plus a couple with books. This morning I finished going threw it all. Quite a few quilt books to sell either on ebay or my fiber etsy shop, and I also just about filled a box full of little packages of sewing items to drop off at the resale shop. 

My drawers and space are pretty much filled to capacity now, so only kept items like buttons, most of the quilt fabric, and other little items. I also brought home lots of quilt rulers which are so expensive to purchase that I only have a couple of my own-so those are a welcome addition to my quilt supplies. I needed to empty two drawers of things in the desk in my craft room that can go into my office desk-so I will actually find things I can use-lol  The two empty drawers in my craft room desk gave me space for Mom's quilt fabric-which is all high quality from quilt stores not places like Jo anns and Walmart. 

She also had lots of threads-so that got me to go threw my thread first and organize, and add hers to it. She even had some of my grandma's wooden spools with thread, and two spools of button hole thread. So I added those to my wooden spools collection-I know; what doesn't Kathy collect lol There must me a gold mine of items in my craft room-enough to keep any sewer or crafty busy for a life time-I am hoping that Mr P's daughter can have fun using it too to make things.

Next up I want to find spaces-out of my craft room-for a few furniture items that I brought back that are in there-and need to come out-so I have walking space again.

When I shared photos I don't think I took a photo of the dressers. To save space I decided to have the guys stack the single unit on top of the double lower unit of drawers. These are ranch oak too but the dark brown color of oak. I was able to get Larry's clothes out of boxes, the two high drawers are now filled with gloves and hats, belts etc-so again his stuff is so much easier to view and find. Next project someday down the line will be to get my clothes out of boxes and large crocks so I can see what I have-lol 

This house has absolutely no closets, no storage spaces anywhere-so makes things more difficult to organize. I am hoping after Mr P gets settled in down here-he can help motivate hubby to get my kitchen cupboards made and put up-10 years with no cabinets is starting to bother me.

Last night when I was going threw things-I glanced out the bay window-and this is what I saw-too sweet.

This is a first; a doe bringing her very little one up close to the house. They didn't stay too long, they found a little corn and sunflower seeds to eat. When we had our dinner a few hours later-they had come back-again just for a few minutes.

We are still hoping the turkeys and their poults will return too-we have heard the hens in the distance but so far have not seen them.

Enjoy your day

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Good Morning Thursday

Wow still a crazy week here, things not really back to "normal" after my Indiana trip

Extreme heat here too, today we are to hit 99 degrees with high heat indexes-a little early for all this heat already-been like this-getting hotter every day since I got back. A cool down though is on the way.

Yesterday I went to the "big city" of Springfield, Mo with my friend; she had her grandkids with her for about a week and was driving there to drop them off-so asked if I wanted to go along. A shopping trip at Sams club-the vitamin waters are allot cheaper there, and we also check out a couple craft stores. Some of the beads were back at half off so of course we needed to check those out-lol I came away with spending $20.00 so got some nice strings of beads for the money-I am mostly collecting beads for my next crazy quilt project-and under water sea scene.

Hubby and Mr P have been like brother for over 40 years now. They are 10 years apart  Larry being the oldest, but the plan has always been to live here in the woods-so we could rely on each other. Mr. P's wife decided after the house plans were drawn up, foundation laid out etc-that nope she refused to move down here-she is a Chicago girl. So anyways long story short version-our friend Mr P is here now to be apprentice under Larry with the scope repair business. and decide if he likes it well enough to quit his job and move down-he is under too much stress with his job and very unhappy that he is not here. Soooo at the end of next week he will be going back-give a month notice with his job-move his wife to Chicago where she will be happy living with her sister, and he plans to move down here.

If this works out will be good for the both of them. He was here the day after I got back from my trip, the house is in dissaray with all the stuff I brought home, and someone living in my living room-lol I still haven't recovered from my trip yet either. so I am just not posting right now til things smooth out. and I can't get in my craft room again-lol too much stuff-will be going threw what I brought back of sewing stuff-and make up a box I don't need to sell at one of resale shops-send the money off to my brother for Moms caregiving fund.

I brought down more furniture-like two bed frames and a small table for Mr P as I don't think he will bringing down much furniture. and the mean time-did I mention the extreme heat lol

Here are a few photos of Mom and my Brother in her new apartment,  garden and ranch oak. The weeds really got out of control-I have the mini garden in good shape now, and up  by the house, I am working on that when I can.

                        My brother Jerry-sitting on bed, behind is one of my Moms quilts
               Mom brought that doll back from Russian on one of her trips
                            japannese eggplant
                        heirloom tomatoe
                         sweet peppers, petunias
                      wow look how big my herbs are-amazing
                        side view of my trellis full of petunias
                           Moon flowers
                            roma tomatoes and sweet potatoes
                          long beans long fence, summer squash, italian zucchini
                       these are under our porch
                ranch oak bed frames-two sets
          my desk and chair
   full view, that lamp was my fathers favorite piece-need to find a new shade
           ranch oak chair with cloth cushions, coffee table
This last one is looking into my craft room-I just put stuff in there for now to get it out of the way-big project in there again, I was too lazy to crop the photos to make nicer, and didn't remove Mr P's things from the coffee table. All ranch oak-desk, chair, waste basket, coffee table, chair, bed frames. In my Mom's room there is also ranch oak-Jerry brought over a chest of drawers and a nice cabinet she used in her sewing room that is now a nice place for her tv. I also brought down a really nice piece that Larry can use in his business-ranch oak long bookcase with legs.

and to view larger-just click on photos

I am off to make up lunch, Rita and her husband are stopping by.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I'm Back Home

Long week, but a good week. Haven't had the opportunity to really spend time with my brother and his wife for many years now. So in that respect this was a good trip.
   Brought back several pieces of furniture, all Ranch Oak handmade in Texas and is now vintage. I am in my 60s and my parents bought most of this when I was a very small child, then bought more pieces from my uncle's estate when he passed years and years ago. Ranch Oak furniture is solid oak and undestrucible for the most part-so heavy and solid. The main piece I wanted was the desk-and that just fit next to the couch. My brother was not interested in most of the things so kept saying take this take this-lol
   I also just boxed up what was left from her sewing room, took one sewing maching, and the older sewing machine went to my brother's wife. I love vintage kitchen items, so I kept what I remembered using as a child, didn't want any of the blown glass pieces etc. 
  In the end we sorted it all, moved it all, and scrubbed the house, cut the grass, and gave it back to the landlord-next day my brother drove me back home to Missouri. He arranged a rental car to drive back home and left this morning. When he got here he said-that was dumb I should have arranged to stay here for a couple days for more visit time. He'll be tired when he gets back home-a 9 hour drive each way-with only gas stops. He had never really driven threw Missouri-and here in the ozarks on rt 44 the landscape is gorgeous-and he had never seen the Arch in StLouis-so that was neat for him.
  Mom is not doing well at all emotionally and her dimentia is much worse-so she is really lost now-we have arranged a social worker etc, and she is in excellent hands in her new home. We are all hoping she will be better in a month or so when she settles in, and feels better from her hip operation.
  Other events are happening here too-so will blog about that in the future.
and it's soooooo hot and muggy here-welcome to Missouri-lol Northern Indiana had perfect weather.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Good Morning Sunday

  Storms are still here this morning. Actually since late Friday we have been having off and on "gardeners" rain-which is a soothing gentle rain. My new little garden needed it. Lots of thunder and lightening around us though, and sounds a little closer just now.

   As you can see, I have changed the look of my pages again. The other one I liked but it was a bit too bright for me. This one may still need a few more changes but I like the softness of this better. Let me know if you can still clearly read my pages well, I may make the text a little larger.

  This will be my last post til I return from going back home to Indiana. My brother needs help going threw allot of small items and getting them boxed up. I talked to Mom last night and she does not sound well at all. When she broke her hip the operation with the anesthesia has worsened her dimentia considerably. After all this work my brother did to set her up in a beautiful assissted living apartment-he fears now this may not work for her. We will give her a month or so to determine what is best. The facility did examine her and thought it could work-time will tell though.

   My brother gave her back her cell phone so she would have a personal phone-but she went threw her address book telling everyone that brother dumped her off some place-lol When she called me she said my father dumped her off too. (my father has been gone over 25 years now) so this is quite sad. 

   Greyhound with the addition of the long layovers-makes a very long trip. I start at 8:15 am and get in at 2 am  (Missouri time 1 am)  so a long trip. But this trip my brother is driving me back, with a couple pieces of furniture and small items. 

   My parents entire house was filled with Ranch Oak furniture-solid oak heavy furniture that was made in Texas. It is now quite a collectors item in many places.  My brother asked me about the desk-I need one, so a little something from my growing up years and I always loved this desk growing up as a child. This furniture is made to last forever and is very very heavy. lol 

  This will be a short trip this time, my  brother wants to come back Friday morning. I will see how it goes, and perhaps convince him to take Friday as a "down" day and we leave on Saturday. If time allows I would love to shop the Amish food store in Shipshewana-one of my last chances to go there.

  I am usually packed by now, but haven't started-will be packing really light-just a small hiking back pack, and a bag of foods-nothing for me to eat at these bus layovers-so I bring a couple nutrition bars, a foil pack of tuna, water, and of course some munchies.

  See ya all when I get back

Friday, June 14, 2013

I am claiming my blog on bloglovin

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nope My Veggie Plants are Not Drinking Whiskey or Life Water-LOL

Early this spring I had gotton a catalog from Gardens Alive-great place-and they had a $25.00 off offer on anything you wanted to buy from them. So I was looking at drip irrigation systems they had and decided it was just too expensive for me to set up, and my big pots are pretty spread out. But I did use my free $25.00 on worms for the garden and their gardens alive veggie fertilizer. They seem to do this every spring-so nice of them.

  I decided there had to be an inexpensive diy project for my watering system and found online-lots with bottles. Some used the bottles with the top in the ground and the bottom cut off, some just used wine bottles filled with water and stuck in the ground. Then I found one that used pop bottles-punch a couple holes in the bottom fill with water put the cap on-and bury the bottle about half way-mostly to keep from blowing away.

   I liked this idea-easy enough to save up bottles and cheap, and the water stayed clean with the cap on. and once set up, just unscrew the cap and fill up with water. So I have been working on setting this up before I leave for Indiana Monday.

    First I had too many holes or too big a holes so the water drained right out-not good. I had been saving lots of whiskey bottles from one of our neighbors, and saving life water bottles too-cause for my big tubs the whiskey bottles are too big.  So, hubby set me up with a drill and a tiny bit-and I put just two holes in-and seems to be working better. A good test as we are in extreme heat this week.

  Since moving to this area after retirement and being a northern midwest farm girl-this has been a whole new learning experience for gardening techniques. I have discovered with the extreme heat here and little to no rain most of the summer-the tomatoes always crack or have that blossom end rot. Even watering early morning and late evening-the plants in tubs always dry out too much and I think that is causing this problem. So am hoping this little system works out, to keep the soil moist.
  I have three roma tomato plants that I am hoping produce enough so I am able to can up salsa and whole tomatoes. Decided to give them each a whiskey bottle filled with water, may put another bottle behind each one.

  Early yesterday morning these beans were just poking out of the ground-wow they have grown allot with this heat already.

  Early this morning-if you look close you will see calico kitty waking up-her new sleeping place at night-in the truck. We called her for her breakfast and there she was looking out the window-too cute-I couldn't get those shiny eyes toned down in the photo-but helps to see her-lol She is really getting up there in age now-guessing close to 14 years old now.

  I decided to take out some flank steak and add lots of spices from Penzeys-their fajita spice and adobo spice-grill and make fajitas tonight-never done it this way-but sounds good. One of our Wisconsin friends made this for us and it was excellent. I looked online and found this recipe-just the way she did it

I had to stay out of the garden today as all of my hand spading and mixing up compost etc in the wheel barrel finally caught up with me-but I did get all the laundry caught up-so that's done before my trip. and I mailed off the Father's Day gift to our winner too.  


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My New Little Garden Space-a few photos

The sun was shining bright this morning. This is most of my garden in view (click all photos to enlarge-can view more details) 

Got 2 bales of straw yesterday, put around veggies that are up so far

My sweet potato patch, and 3 roma tomatoes and cilantra

I needed to thin out my yellow onions that I had planted early spring in the raised beds-hope they will transplant fine. they got hit pretty hard a couple weeks ago from hail

I found a nice wisteria baby plant still in the old garden, so dug a really deep hole filled with compost and planted behind the tree stump just outside back of garden

  Earlier I had nailed this piece of stiff fencing on top of that tree stump and it hangs over the main fence-perfect for the wisteria when it grows up

Of course we need a little garden "art" lol  a friend we had met when we first moved here knew I sewed, he was a scrapper so he brought me over 3 sewing machine heads that were rusty and froze up. Parts to an old plow I found from cleaning one of the junk piles when we first moved here.

This view was taken standing in front of the garden "art". To the left I planted lots of different pole beans along the fence, wax beans, and more. To the right was a gift from a close friend. It is a dragonfly in the middle of the circle and its a sprinkler-cool-now I have a spot I can use it

   Around the outside of the fence I am working on clearing off those weeds, will adjust the soil as I can-its hard hard clay, and scatter lots of flower seeds I brought down with us-10 years ago now, some herbs, flowers, etc-will be prettier than all those weeds-and keep those weed seeds out of the garden.
       Last photo in the back is one of our ponds, also a pond to the right of the garden-past the wood pile.

    I just have a small area to work up yet-in the front up by the gate. Most of my seeds were pretty old but since they are all heirloom hoping some will sprout for me.  It makes me feel good to have a garden spot again.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Father's Day Giveaway****and the Winner is------

Big congrats to Jim;  my blog friend in Canada that has a beautiful photography blog

Good Morning-Last Day to Enter our Fathers Day Giveaway

In case you might have missed the last couple of posts-Rita and I are holding a Father's Day Giveaway.
Today is the last chance to enter, I will draw the winner early evening tonight Missouri time enter at this post

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Catch up and Reminder for our Awesome Giveaway


 I know allot of us are outside in our gardens and enjoying warmer weather activities instead of sitting in the house on the computer as much as we were in the colder months--so I wanted to put in a reminder for our awesome giveaway for Father's Day. Sign up and more information here  Last day to enter is June 12th. I am taking entries in comments here on blogger and also on my blogster blog-will combine all the names from both and draw one entry. This is a really nice gift-a grill bowl filled with hand knitted and hand sewn items from my friend Rita, and handmade soaps by me. So please go enter if you haven't already-I have very few entries so far, thus the reminder.

      On a second note, I am still so thankful to have a computer to use, after that lightening strike weeks back fried my set up. My friend gave me her very old one that she was getting ready to toss, which gave me a computer-instead of having no computer.  The last couple of weeks, however, it has not been working well-couldn't post photos here, couldn't open up some links, working very very slow, etc., kept being more things not working. So I had hubby do the maintenance stuff on it-and works so much better again and can even load photos here now too-so my little computer world is much happier now-yeah! Life's little pleasures. However, for some reason my line for typing here starts in the middle of the sentence instead of at the beginning-weird.

       Update on Mom. She is in her mid 80's, has dimentia but was doing pretty well mostly on her own. My brother had found her a really nice home across the street from him, where she has been now for a couple years. Anyways a few weeks back she fell and broke her hip and has been in rehab. Brother was hoping to find help to come into her home so she could stay there after rehab-but now realizes this just won't work out. We had thought it would be less costly that way, but is not, as she really needs to have some one around her 24/7  Her dimentia has gotton worse now since going threw the hip replacement surgery.
       So yesterday my brother spent the day touring assisted living facilities in the area. Was very pleased to find a very nice one-in a wooded area and he says the staff was very professional and courteous and it was within her budget too. So was pleased to have found a nice studio apartment for her, with structured activities.

      So right after fathers day I will be taking the Greyhound bus to help my brother go threw her house and gather things she needs for her studio apartment and then go threw the rest-get it ready for a house sale. We will be splitting up her remaining quilts that she has made, and decide on other items we may want to keep as well.

Catch up on my hubby's health. It is frustrating that it has taken over a month to get some answers-but then still not know for sure. I had decided to have faxed some information from his check up visit to his cardiac doctor. We were getting little feedback from our primary doctor, which is unusual, but thinking he is over worked and very under staffed. So two weeks of mix ups on their side the cardiac doctor finally gets the information and lets us know nothing stands out as being a concern. However, hubby just does not feel well, has lost allot of strength, and is just getting really "old" on me. and he has no motivation to fix little things around the house that need fixing-and I don't have the knowledge to do.  He is approaching 70 now and has never been healthy since childhood. So, he tells me he is just getting older now and his body is not keeping up with him anymore. Still to me, there is something wrong-that needs to be pursued.

     This is a new life experience for me; watching loved ones grow old. I never think of myself as getting old, never have-perhaps because I have never had children, and there is always things I want to learn and do-especially to create. All of our "things" are getting really old too-lawn mowers, trucks, etc-so that part of life is difficult too right now-especially since everything is getting more difficult for hubby to do. He has always fixed things to keep them going, this is one time when having money would be helpful-I could hire someone to help get life's things done. Not going to happen though. As we go threw the different stages of life-brings challenges, decisions, and well just kinda scary too-but not going to think about any of that right now.

All of this does get me to thinking though-mostly about material things-which are basicly used and then passed on to the next living person-that's why there are antiques around-just things getting passed on to the next. While living we do need things around us, but as we age-we don't any more. Such is the way of it.  I think it's still too early in the morning to contemplate off of this. 
Happy weekend everyone.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thyme for Herbs Parsley

  I love parsley, it's easy and fun to grow. I love having it growing so I can use fresh in my cooking, and also drys well too for fall and winter use.
  I found an informative article here

10 health benefits of parsley:

1. Parsley is rich in Vitamin B12, Vitamin C[1]Vitamin K, Vitamin A as well as Beta Carotene. Apart from the above listed vitamins this herb is also a good source of folic acid as well as iron.
2. Parsley is a power plant of chlorophyll, this helps curb the growth of bad bacteria as it has anti bacterial properties. Chlorophyll found in parsley is a good cure to stop and avoid bad breath (halitosis) for long time.
3. Parsley herb has some volatile oils such as myristicin, limonene, eugenol as well as alpha thujene which are antioxidants in nature. The above mentioned oils counterbalances the effects of some carcinogens (such as benzopyrenes found in cigarette fumes) and reduces the chances of getting cancer.
4. Having parsley everyday helps in reducing blood pressure and reduces the risks related to high blood pressure[2] such as hypertension.
5. Parsley herb is found to be diuretic in nature which promotes healthy workings of the kidney. The diuretic found in parsley helps in getting rid of sodium and other harmful elements from the human body.
6. The oil of parsley herb is a good remedy for hair loss as well as dryness of the skin. Daily application of this oil helps in improving the hair growth as well as makes the skin supple and smooth.
7. Parsley herb is used by the herbalists to cure some ear infections, ringing in the ear and partial deafness.
8. Having parsley herbal tea is helpful as it stimulates digestion of protein as well as fat. The tea also promotes enteric absorption and storage in the liver[3]. It is helpful in treating diarrhea.
9. Parsley herb improves the hormonal balance in females and it also betters the estrogen secretion. This herb is helpful in treating hormonal problems like premenstrual syndrome, menopause or delayed menstruation[4] cycle. This herb is also known to be helpful in easing cramps during menstrual cycle.
10. Parsley is loaded with Vitamin C as well as iron. These nutrients make parsley a helpful herb in curing anemia as well as fatigue[5]. It is also known to repair blood cells as well as improve the blood vessel elasticity. The Vitamin C found in this herb supports the absorption of iron in the blood stream. Vitamin C also reduces the risk of arthritis and osteoarthritis.
Recipes with parsley:   I love parsley added to many things for garnish-potato salads, fresh in  a salad, fresh or dried on or in deviled eggs, and I love parsley in mashed potatoes, on top of baked potatos, and dried thrown in allot of soups, stews, spaghetti, sauces etc, very versatile I and nice in place of salt.
From Saveur I found many recipe dishes for parsley here
  How do you like to use parsley?

Also don't forget to sign up for Rita's and my very awesome Fathers Day Giveaway

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trouble with photos-anyone else?

 I can't seem to upload photos here, when I click on the photo link I just get a blank page-anyone else having troubles?? thanks

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Father's Day Giveaway

Rita of Sticks N Stones Gifts, and I of Kathyinozarks Soaps over on Etsy: enjoyed making the items for the Mother's day basket and holding the giveaway so much; that we decided to create a Father's Day Giveaway.
  Rita handmade a BBQ apron that is reversible-with pockets using a woodsy theme for the fabrics. She also made a coordinating soap saver bag and wash cloth in soft browns and greens. You can view the apron opened up here in her shop
   I made a 3 bar set of all natural glycerin 3 butter soap using my fish molds. The scent I used was vanilla oak. I also am adding a large jar of my hand scrub soap with pumice-great for those gardening or mechanics hands.
  Instead of placing our handmade items into a basket I found a really nice grill bowl at our kitchen store in town.
  I think your father or special someone will really love this grill bowl full of handmade goodies. I roughly added up the value which comes to around $95.00 retail.

To enter the giveaway add your name here in comments, this drawing is open to all so please leave your contact information also if I don't know you or if you are set as no reply;  so I can reach you-should you win.

If I can't reach you within 48 hours I will redraw a new winner.
For a second chance at the drawing please copy and paste a photo with a link to the drawing here on another social media site-then let me know you did that with link and I will enter your name for a second chance.
I will accept entries threw early evening Missouri time June 12th. Father's Day is June 16th
Good Luck!


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