Friday, May 24, 2013

Wisteria in Bloom and Betty Mae

My wisteria is just gorgeous this year. This is the 10th year now plus we have had a cool spring with lots and lots of rain. It has even climbed up high into the nearby maple tree. I also trimmed it early spring too-so that might have also helped with the abundance of blooms on both sides of the fence this year.

 Kept hearing a little cry all day yesterday and finally discovered this little one. Don't know where she came from but she is a baby and was starving. So many people dump off their unwanted animals here on the road in front of driveways-so sad. We have at least 1/2 mile driveway so always amazes me when little ones make it down to the house.

Can't let her go hungry so will feed her and see how it goes, perhaps I can find her a happy home. I love her pretty blue eyes too.  I did name her-Betty Mae. Betty was my late sister's name and Mae is my mother's middle name-and Mom is not doing so well. Her dimentia for now has taken a turn for the worse. With her hip replacement she had to go under anesthesia and that has made her memory much worse. So time will tell.

The little one reminds me that life is always reborn, she may have popped in on me to give me comfort too.


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