Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Went "Shopping" for Yarn--In my Yarn Stash & a Rant on Dish Washers lol

A lazy day today. The humidity is still very high here, storms and rain around us but not here yet. Hubby has not ventured to fix the a/c  yet. I don't blame him as he needs to go up in the very hot attic to find the problem. I don't like using the a/c, as it takes my body time to adjust to it-but we are going to need something once we hit the 90s and above here-mostly for my craft room with all the soap supplies and yarns etc I have in there.
    So anyways I did allot yesterday, and I am really tired today along with allergies kicking in too with all this wind kicking around the pollens; so I decided to go shopping in my huge stash of yarns for my next weaving project.
   Instead of another set of towels to make for sale, I decided to dig out my cocoon pattern that I just love. I made one for me years back and just love it. It's a nice wide long handwoven shawl that you sew the ends into "arms" and then one has a nice little wrap that stays on the shoulders and back with sleeves. I made mine with long fringe instead of a hem-as I love love long fringe. 
  I knew I had lots of yarns for weaving-collected since the late 70s, but needed to remind myself what I had. 
    Do the rest of you that use yarns have so much? I love wools and the natural fibers so I have collected allot at resale shops, garage sales, and online sales. Just before retirement I bought linen warp, silks, and some organic cottons and mohairs to add to my collection, since I figured I would not have dollars for such extras.
   I found the lovely organic cotton which is a soft beige with flecks of browns and I was told it will get darker threw the different washings. This I decided will be nice for the warp-it is soft, strong, and I think will drape well. So I have been spending the afternoon looking for what to put with it. I like combining a little mohair in the weft with another cotton or even a fine wool. I had a pretty really soft yellow cotton, found some pretty mohair in blues and burnt oranges-no not quite what I want. Then I found a cone of a cotton-flax-rayon textured yarn that matches with the organic cotton. Yep I really like that.
   Kept putting the different mohairs in-but nope not quite right-so I said I must have more yarn choices in here -lol. Then I remembered I had put that big find of linens, wools, & cottons a few months back into old cotton pillow cases. Looked in there and I found a gorgeous soft white-grey mohair-I think I got it lol 
  What do you think of the colors? I know grey is suppose to be an "in" color this year. I do have a another grey wool that is a little darker but I think this may be softer. Not sure about the beiges and the grey together-but I think I like this. I thought I had a brown mohair but have not run into one. I do have several shades of brown wools but not thin enough yarn to use for this

The cone to the left is the organic cotton which is suppose to turn darker after several washings, middle is the cotton-flax-rayon, and then the soft grey mohair cone. I want to make something light yet warm for cooler evenings in the spring threw end of fall seasons. If this works up nice-will be listing in my etsy fibers shop.

After Supper Update:
    I just really needed to try out one of my handwovens. I am one of those persons that refuses to own or use a dish washer. For me; nothing beats hand washing in very hot water, rinsing in very hot water and then letting dry and put dishes away-lol It is also so much quieter too-I am not much on un necessary machines. I also never bought into the idea that dish washers were more sanitary than hand washing. I read a post once on someone's blog how very dirty and unsanitary those machines can be if one does not take apart and really clean and disenfect the bottoms of those machines with special cleaning agents-so no thanks-lol just a rant of mine.
     I finally decided to stop using a dish drainer a few years ago cause there was no way to keep it sanitary-even stainless was a pain to keep clean. So a couple years ago I started using a thick towel for my dishes to dry on. Now I see one can buy a special towel for just that purpose at Wal mart-oh my lol
    So I grabbed one of my handwoven towels to drain my dishes tonight-I can't tell you how awesome it feels to use one of your own handwovens.
    I have woven off and on since I learned back in the late 70's-but I always made shawls, table runners, and such, never towels. Can't wait now to get my big loom set up to make bath towels-now that will feel really special.



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