Thursday, May 30, 2013

Storms Approaching-Again-and Art Supplies Arrived

  Hopefully with these storms we may finally lose the humidity, as long as they don't get too severe I always welcome the rain here in Missouri
   I have little bugs all over my two Japanese eggplant plants. I am thinking they are aphids. Soapy water not working too well so went to sevin-and they are still there-any ideas to get rid of these guys before they kill my two plants? thanks
Always fun when my package from Dharma Trading arrives in the  mail. It came today-and lots of fun ahead packed in there-soy flakes and the copper tools to draw lines etc with the melted wax for batik type dyeing, silk dyes, a felting stone-which I have been wanting, and Jaquard dyes for silks along with water resist for more design creating on the silks. Also a thermometer for the wax-which is marked really well so may buy another one someday for my soap making.

   I have pretty much decided to add the extra grey wool to the mix of yarns for my upcoming woven cocoon wrap-when I get the loom set up will just experiment and see what I like. 
   Looking up my weaving notes for the pattern, I ran into the notes I had made for the warp needed to weave leather into a cocoon. I had met a local master weaver that also held classes where I lived in Illinois-if we hadn't moved to Missouri when we did, I would definately had wanted to take some classes from her. She is also on the Yahoo weaving group online and is always there to help with weaving questions-I love meeting people like that, those that share knowledge 
   Anyways-another project in the making from years past was my leather one. We had visited for several years an 1800's mountain man event in Wisconsin that was held at one of the last original tanning places (now no longer there-sigh) We had bought this huge huge box of leather cutoffs from their sewing of clothing to sell. Allot of the leather was really soft so I cut allot of it up into weft to weave something with it. I should have enough made up already to make me a cool shawl with wools and the leather or turn into the cocoon. In my notes my contact on the weaving group suggested what warp yarns I needed for clothing or for placemats when weaving with the leather-so I just ordered what I needed for my shawl this morning. Thanks to a few nice soap orders I have a little extra money to buy supplies with.
    So I may just finally weave this up and see how it turns out. decisions decisions-I am in the mood so far to catch up on projects started and finish them up I guess-which can be a good thing-lol. This leather one has been in the making from around 2000-time just passes by too quickly for me. Good thing I am someone that stays the same weight threw the years too.
   It may be good to weave another project for me to get more in the weaving mode before I weave to sell too

   I had a couple photos to add to this post, but the photos are not working so will try again later on today to put them in
  bummer the photos here still don't work-so I can't upload them still-anyone else having troubles with it?

    So what are you all up to this week?


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