Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Reclaims From the Resale Shops

  My friend called me up this morning, and asked if I wanted to go shopping at the resale shops-"Sure sounds good to me" I say.
   We hadn't gone in awhile now. I didn't have anything to sell but my friend had a big box full ready to go. I was on the look out for silk clothing, linen, and I always check out the men's all cotton shirts in xxl. The cottons are excellent for quilting and the silks I can use for my crazy quilting, or dye projects. I was mostly looking for neutrals that I could dye easily, but we found some gorgeous colors today instead. I don't mind a little linen either especially linen and silk which is nice for embroidery projects.
   I have my friend now looking for reclaims too-saves so much money. She does allot of beautiful embroidery and we found some gorgeous linens for her-deep purples, blues etc.
   I took a few photos, I also found one pretty silk blue tie which I forgot to add to the photos.
                    This first photo is 100% cotton shirts-these were high quality with a wonderful feel to them

This second photo is 100% silks. Love these colors. The blues and greens will work out for my under the sea crazy quilt block I am planning on doing. I only found two neutrals for dying, but I think I could dye the green too. The greens were a good find. One is an xxl mens shirt with very cool buttons too for .50 cents. The other green was a blouse and pant outfit for .50 cents as well-that made up for the couple pieces that were $3.00

These two pieces are linen and silk

I found these pieces at the two resale shops we love, and spent under $20.00 for all of it That price also included a vintage dish from Germany that I can use for a photo prop for my soaps. So a nice day out-and no more storms today.

   All is good here where I live. We had very hard rains, lightening, strong winds, and hail-but no damage. 
   Prayers for Oklahoma.


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