Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Won a Giveaway Too

Awhile back I entered an awesome giveaway for a Vera Bradley tote bag. One of the blogs I read, thanks to Akuna for introducing me to, 2 Bags Full, was holding the giveaway.
These were so pretty, bright and cheerful that I decided to enter. Out of hundreds of entries-I won one-how fun is that?? I love giveaways both winning-which I seldom do and giving away.
  My pretty bag arrived today, found a photo of it online. So now I can't wait to use it, with all this rain-raining again today-I need some sunshine. I am not complaining too much about the rain cause no rain is worse-but I need it to stop raining for a bit so I can get my little garden ready to plant.  Thank you again to Vicki


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